Acne Scar Removal Laser Treatment

Risk Factors

Acne scars may appear on the skin of any people with previous acne breakouts; however, people with the following traits are more susceptible to severe acne scarring.

  1. People with inflammatory acne breakouts

Inflammatory acne breakouts are characterized by pain, redness and swelling on the affected area of the skin. When this kind of acne breakouts occurs, the skin tends to be severely damaged because the breakouts not only affect the outer layers of the skin, but also penetrate deep into the more fragile layers of the skin.

  1. People who don’t treat their inflammatory acne breakouts promptly

Even severe inflammatory acne breakouts will not cause too serious damage if they are treated promptly. People who delay the treatment or even don’t do it at all will allow the breakouts to cause more serious damage to their skin. This is way the length of the inflammation determines how severe acne scars can be.

  1. People who abuse their acne breakouts

Picking, popping and squeezing acne breakouts are not the right ways to deal with the skin problem. Sadly, many people cannot resist the temptation to abuse their acne breakouts and many of them are actually quite happy when they are finally able to discharge the acne fluid or the head.

For those with acne breakouts, even touching the affected area is not recommended, especially because the finger itself may carry bacteria that may cause infection. Consulting a doctor or a dermatologist is the right way to deal with acne breakouts.

  1. People with genetic factor that increases the risk of acne scarring

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Genetic factor often plays a role in developing acne scars.

Although people with those risk factors are at greater risk of acne scars, this conception cannot be generalized. There are people without those factors who still develop acne scars on their skin and, conversely, there are people with those factors whose skin appears smooth and healthy.

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