Acne Scar Removal Laser Treatment

Laser Treatment Types and What They Are Good for

There are several types of laser treatment according to the type of the shot light and the lasing medium. A specific type of laser treatment works great for specific conditions. Here is a list of laser treatment types and the skin conditions that can be treated using them.

  1. Pulsed Dye Laser

Pulsed Dye Laser is a yellow laser that is used to target hemoglobin and to heal erythema (red spots on the skin).

  1. Er:YAG Laser

Er:YAG laser uses Erbium Yttrium Aluminium Garnet as lasing medium to produce infra-red laser. When used for treating acne scars, Er:YAG laser is particularly effective to heal mild to moderate scars that occur on the superficial area of the skin.

  1. Nd:YAG Laser

Nd:YAG laser uses Neodymium-Doped Yttrium Aluminium Garnet as lasing medium to emit laser light that is effective for treating pigment-related skin problems, especially the ones related to acne scars.

  1. Diode Laser

Diode laser is effective for treating acne infection. When shot to the affected skin, it will damage the skin’s sebaceous glands, thereby reducing the production of sebum.

  1. Carbon Dioxide Laser

Carbon dioxide laser effectively dries water in the skin and burns skin cells. It is thus very effective for invasive laser treatment that involves the burning of the surface of the skin.

Besides those laser treatment types, there are other types of laser treatment that are not mentioned here, such as alexandrite laser and ruby laser, especially because they are used for hair treatment and not acne scar removal laser treatment. By consulting a dermatologist, patients can learn more about those laser treatment types and receive the best treatment according to their skin condition.


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