Alcohol Allergy Symptoms: What You Need to Know

It is widely known that alcohol has many negative effects for human body. The long term consumption of alcohol also can cause addiction that requires hard effort to relieve. In addition, this substance can also cause allergy. The allergy symptoms caused by alcohol are different from one people to another.

How bad the effect of the allergy for you will depend on the level of alcohol allergy you are suffering from. So, what are the alcohol allergy symptoms? And what causes the allergy? Just keep reading the article to find more about alcohol allergy.

Alcohol Allergy Symptoms Treatment


Alcohol Allergy: What Is It Actually?

What is alcohol allergy? And is it just the same with alcohol intolerance? Well, people often mistaken between the allergy and intolerance alcohol. Both of the terms are different and there are some basics differentiations between them.

People with alcohol intolerance cannot digest alcohol they consume properly. Meanwhile, people with allergy on alcohol will trigger their immune system to over react to alcohol if they consume it. True alcohol allergy cases are actually quite rare to find.

The allergy will not be only triggered by drinking pure alcohol beverages only but also by consuming other components used in alcoholic drinks, such as rye, yeast, barley, grapes, wheat, and hops.

You need to be careful to any alcohol product if you have allergy to alcohol since little consumption of the liquid will cause symptoms. In some worse cases, the allergy can result in anaphylaxis that can lead people to death.

Here are some alcohol allergy symptoms that you need to know.

  • Itchy mouth, nose, and eyes.
  • Itchiness on skin, eczema, and hives.
  • Loss of consciousness, dizziness, and light headache.
  • Nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal pain.
  • Swelling on your throat, face, or the other parts of your body.
  • Wheezing, nasal congestion, and difficulty to bread.

No matter how light your symptoms of alcohol allergy are, just make sure that you should treat them well. This is because untreated symptoms can turn worse quickly. The reactions upon the allergy can be fatal sometimes that can lead the victim into dead.

You can do blood test to examine whether you have allergy on alcohol or not. The test is aimed to measure the response of your immune system to a particular substance, in this case is alcohol.

The test involves the checking allergy – type antibody amounts in your bloodstream. You can also conduct skin test to find out whether you have alcohol allergy or not. In conducting the test, your skin will be pricked with little amount of alcohol to see if there is allergy reaction caused by that. Your skin will usually develop raised bumps as the reaction of the allergy.

Alcohol Allergy Symptoms


The Causes of Allergy on Alcohol

Basically, allergy on alcohol can be caused by the inability of your body to process the alcohol. It can happen because your digestive system does not have proper enzymes to metabolize the toxins contained in the alcohol and break them down.

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Asian people are those who tend to have bigger possibility to suffer from this allergy due to their genetic traits. Just be careful of the pain you feel after consuming alcohol since it can be the sign of more serious illness such as Hodgkin Lymphoma.

Ingredients that are commonly found in the alcohol beverages such as sulfites and other preservatives, grains, chemicals, histamine, and products as results of brewing can be the trigger of the allergy. The complications of the allergy include migraines and a severe allergic reaction.

Alcohol Allergy Symptoms Identification


How to Treat Allergy Caused by Alcohol Consumption

Quick treatment for alcohol allergy is very needed in order to avoid fatality. There are some medical treatments you can take to relieve the pain caused by the allergy.

  1. Antihistamine

The first treatment you can do is by consuming antihistamine. This medical treatment is highly recommended for light allergy of alcohol only. The treatment can help you to reduce itching symptoms and stop the development of hives caused by the allergy.

  1. Epinephrine

The next treatment you can try to relieve symptoms caused the allergy of alcohol is by taking epinephrine. This kind of treatment requires auto injector contained epinephrine to be injected in human body with alcohol allergy symptoms.

  1. Inhaler

The symptoms of alcohol allergy also include the difficulty of breathing. That is why inhaler is needed to help you breath easily and relieve the symptom.

  1. Abstinence

The best thing to prevent allergy caused by alcohol is by avoiding consuming any product contained alcohol substances. If you have already known that you have allergy on alcohol, it is very important for you to not consume alcohol at all.

You are strongly suggested to read the label of food or beverages you would like to consume. This is important to make sure that they are not containing alcohol so you can avoid yourself from allergic attack because of it.

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