Allergic Rhinitis Home Remedies for Children

You can do allergic rhinitis home remedies for your children if symptoms are not too severe with drugs that are sold freely, such as decongestants and antihistamines. Antihistamines are useful for relieving allergic symptoms, such as nasal congestion or runny and sneezing.

However, if severe to impact on everyday activities, see a doctor immediately. Be sure to read the instructions on the packaging or see a doctor if your child has rhinitis, as not all drugs for rhinitis can be used by children. Here are some treatments that can be done to overcome rhinitis.

It is important to note that allergies are a reaction to the immune system’s deviant / excessive mechanisms from one’s body to substances that cause allergic reactions / allergens. Not so with people who do not have allergies, these allergens have no meaningful effect.

Allergic Rhinitis Home Remedies


Allergic rhinitis is caused by allergens. Some allergen inhalants that can cause allergic rhinitis are dust, skin flakes and cat or dog hair, cockroaches, spores / fungi, and pollen.

Allergies can also be triggered by physical and psychological stress. Common symptoms of allergic rhinitis include sneezing more than 5 times per attack, large aperture of nasal discharge, nasal congestion, nose and itchy eyes, accompanied by lacrimation. These symptoms are felt especially during morning, evening or cold weather.


You can use drugs to relieve symptoms that are common in rhinitis, but cannot to cure allergies. Drug use should be stopped immediately if symptoms have improved. If after two weeks using the drug but no reaction, see a doctor immediately. The following are medicines that can be used to relieve symptoms of rhinitis:

  1. Nose decongestants.

This drug can be used to help relieve nasal congestion, but should not be used for more than six days because it can aggravate your nasal congestion. Nose decongestants are available in tablets, capsules, aqueous drugs, nasal sprays, and most are sold freely. If you are taking a monoamine oxidize inhibitor (MAOI) drug to treat depression, it is prohibited to use a nasal decongestant.

How To Prevent Allergic Rhinitis


  1. Antihistamines.

Histamine released by the body when allergic can be inhibited by antihistamines available in tablet form and generally sold freely in pharmacies. Note the use because sometimes antihistamines can cause drowsiness.

  1. Corticosteroids.

These drugs have more lasting effects than antihistamines, but longer to react. Corticosteroids can help relieve swelling and inflammation. Available in the form of caplets, spray medicines and drops, usually can be purchased with a doctor’s prescription.

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If core care does not respond well, see a doctor for additional treatment, such as:

  1. Added the decongestant nasal spray medication for short term.
  2. Combine nose spray with antihistamine tablets and decongestants.
  3. Using a treatment that inhibits the effects of chemicals released during an allergic reaction, the leukotriene receptor antagonist.
  4. Increase the dose of corticosteroid spray medication.
  5. Using an ipratropium spray drug that helps relieve excessive snot.
  6. Prescribe nasal sprays containing cromolyn sodium to suppress histamine production in the body.

    How To Cure Allergic Rhinitis Permanently


Avoid the Allergens

In addition to treatment, the most important is to avoid allergens, healthy living with balanced-nutritious foods, adequate rest, and regular exercise. There are some tips how to avoid / reduce the dust around us, namely:

  • Avoid the room being cleaned, if forced to use the cover for the nose and mouth;
  • The rooms must have good ventilation and sunlight can enter;
  • Avoid damp and dusty rooms;
  • Reduce air humidity using AC;
  • Clean the air filter once a week;
  • Avoid hairy dolls and store them in plastic;
  • Avoid mattresses and pillows from cotton;
  • Avoid using the carpet on the floor and clean the floor with a vacuum cleaner every 2 days;
  • Change your bed cover and pillow at least once a week
  • Do not keep a lot of stuff in the bedroom
  • Clean under beds, chairs and on top of cabinets using a damp cloth;
  • Use a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner when cleaning the house;

Clean Children Nose Channels

To help keep the nose free of irritants, you can clean your nasal passages regularly with a self-made brine solution or use a product purchased at the pharmacy. The way to make a salt water solution at home is very easy.

You simply cook about 500 ml of water to boil, then wait until the temperature is lukewarm, then mix half a teaspoon of baking soda powder and half a teaspoon of salt. You do not need to spend all the solution, but it is enough to be repeated until your nose feels good.

A number of solutions may pass through the back of the nose and into the throat. You do not have to worry if you swallow the solution because it is not dangerous, but try to remove it as much as possible. If necessary, you can do this as often as possible as allergic rhinitis home remedies. Make a new solution each want to wash the nose.

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