Apple Cider Vinegar for Acne Scars: The Facts Behind the Stories of Its Effectiveness

How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar to Treat Acne and the Scar

Apple cider vinegar for acne scars can be something that works slowly and some people will become annoyed because of it. It happens when the usage is not correct. It is important to know the correct way to use it with the first step being to choose the right method to apply the cider vinegar. Keep in mind that the skin condition of every individual is different. This affects the best way to apply ACV.

# Direct Application

Direct is direct which means that ACV will be applied directly on the skin. In applying apple cider vinegar for acne, it is necessary to tone reduce the acidity by making ACV toner. This is necessary because the very acidic nature of ACV.

The acidity of the vinegar might even damage the skin especially for those who use the apple vinegar for the first time. Thus making toner will be the better option. In order to make ACV toner, water is needed. Just mix an equal amount of water and ACV in one bowl.

To apply the toner, use a cotton bud or cotton ball and gently glide it on the skin surface. Please be careful with the area around the eyes. If the ACV toner is used for curing acne, be prepared as it will sting. Don’t worry about the sting though as it won’t be unbearable.

As time goes by, the amount of ACV can be increased little by little. For the first time, it’s a good thing to rinse the ACV applied on skin with warm water after 5 minutes. This allows the skin not to be exposed fully to the acidic nature of ACV.

# Oral Intake

Some people use apple vinegar from the outside and the inside. Aside of using apple vinegar as topical medication, the vinegar can also be used as oral medication. It is not limited to the usage of apple cider vinegar for acne, but also for scars and body detoxification.

The vinegar will help the digestive system as well as removing toxins and the impurities within the stream of blood in the body. This will discourage the breakout of acne as well as helping the other conditions such as treating obesity and diabetes, restoring the pH of the body and improving the immune system.

By drinking the vinegar of apple cider, the treatment will be done from the outside and the inside. One of the ways to drink the ACV is by mixing it with water. Simply mix a glass of water with two tablespoons of cider vinegar and drink it once a day.

Use room temperature water or use the warm water. Don’t ever use the hot water as it will change the pH of cider vinegar. Everyone is able to add other substances such as honey into the drink or even replace the water with other substances such as green tea or juice.

One thing that must be remembered by the people who drink the apple cider vinegar for acne scars or for the other benefits, rinsing the mouth with fresh water after drinking ACV is recommended. The acidic nature of ACV is harmful for teeth enamel and rinsing it immediately will help to protect teeth enamel.

Some people are unable to stand the smell of ACV. For these people, there is an alternative in form of pills or capsules. Yes, the capsules of apple vinegar are worthy to be tried in place of the liquid version.

# Acne Masks

Treating the acne and the scars with masks can be done with cider vinegar as well. In using the masks of cider vinegar, leaving the masks for a few minutes will be recommended for the best result.

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Don’t try to search for the acne masks with ACV at the shops because these masks must be made at home. Yes, these masks, just like the other options of cider vinegar treatments are considered being home remedies.

Creating one mask to help relieving acne and the scars can be done easily when all ingredients available. The basic in the masks of cider vinegar is as simple as mixing the vinegar with water and then adding or mixing other ingredients. The other ingredients are varied. The followings are a few examples of masks of cider vinegar.

 Apple Cider Vinegar and Aloe Vera Gel

Ingredients: cider vinegar with a little bit of the “mother”, water and aloe vera gel.

Take an equal amount of water and cider vinegar and mix them together in a small bowl. Take aloe vera gel and mix it as well. Apply the mask on affected skin and leave it for 10 to 20 minutes before rinsing it with cool water.

 Apple Cider Vinegar and Baking Soda

Ingredients: Apple vinegar with a little bit of the “mother” and baking soda.

Simply take equal amount of apple vinegar and baking soda (example: 2 tablespoons of each ACV and baking soda). Mix them together to make a mask. Apply the mask to the affected area and leave it be for about 10 to 20 minutes or until it become tight and dry. Rinse the affected mask with cool water and pat it dry. Don’t forget to apply skin moisturizer. Repeat the process once in every week.

❧ Apple Cider Vinegar and Green Tea

Ingredients: cider vinegar with a little bit of the “mother”, water, cooled green tea, honey and sugar.

Take a teaspoon of apple vinegar and put it into a small bowl. Take two teaspoons of the cooled green teas and then add five teaspoons of sugar into the small bowl as well. Last but not least, put a teaspoon of honey and then start to stir the mixture. If one desires thicker consistency, try to add more sugar.

Apply the mask on the face by using a cotton pad. For a few minutes, gently massage the skin in order to remove the dead skin cells as well as improving blood circulation.

The sugar in this recipe of apple cider vinegar for acne scars acts as natural exfoliate agent. It is useful to break up scar tissue as well as unclogging the pores of skin. The mask must be left for approximately 10 minutes before rinsing it with water. This mask is recommended to be done twice a week.

❧ Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey

Ingredients: Apple vinegar with a little bit of the “mother”, water and honey.

This one is a little different because the honey will be applied first and not mixed together. First of all, wash the face clean with lukewarm water and the gentle cleanser. Massage the skin and exfoliate it with using a facial scrub and then steam the facial skin for three minutes by leaning over a pot filled with hot water and drape a towel over the head.

The next step is to apply two teaspoons of honey and massage the skin gently. Stop massaging when the honey is sticky enough to pull on skin. Leave the honey mask or 15 minutes then rinse it with lukewarm water. Pat dry the skin (don’t rub). Take a mixture of equal amount of ACV and water and apply it with a cotton ball. Apply the oil free moisturizer as the last step.

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