Apple Cider Vinegar for Acne Scars: The Facts Behind the Stories of Its Effectiveness

Cautions in Using Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple vinegar is certainly an effective one. The news of its effectiveness brings more people tempted to try it. Although that it is effective, ACV must be taken with precautions because the acidic nature of ACV can be harmful.

  • For the people who use the apple vinegar as skin treatment for the first time, it is recommended to try it first. Mix an equal amount of both water and ACV. Take a cotton ball and try to apply a small amount of the mixture on skin. See the skin reaction. When the skin is too sensitive towards the apple vinegar, try to reduce the amount of ACV and then increase it bit by bit.
  • When being applied on skin, the cider vinegar might sting especially when contacting open wound or the area too close to the eyes. The pain will subside but the skin will look flush or turn red especially when too much apple vinegar is applied.
  • As many people know, apple vinegar is smelly. The sharp scent of this particular vinegar is not something liked by some people. Therefore, make sure to wash the skin gently but thoroughly.
  • If the cider vinegar is taken as a drink, always remember to wash the mouth thoroughly to make sure that the acid doesn’t get left behind. Keep in mind that the acid of apple cider can be harmful for the teeth enamel. Just a little bit of carelessness and the teeth will develop problem.

In a nutshell, ACV can be considered as double edged sword that will help but will strike back if not being properly used. People need to pay proper attention to the acid of cider vinegar as it can be harmful for the skin or for the teeth (if taken orally). Make sure to apply and clean it thoroughly to avoid other problems surfacing such as the damaged teeth enamel.

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