Apple Cider Vinegar for Allergies

Allergies is not a serious illness, but the existence of allergies is quiet annoy. Allergies exist as a part of body respond to something inside the body. Simply like something comes inside the body and that body give respond towards that thing. The respond can calculate as the abnormal system. Every people have different kind of responds such as itchy, redness, hot and others. To avoid the allergies, people usually consume milk or go to the doctor. But there is a fact that apple cider vinegar is also useful for allergies.

Actually there are two kinds of apple vinegar. The first is apple vinegar and second one is the apple cider vinegar. Both are the fragmentation of apple fruit, but the apple cider vinegar had been added by the alcohol. The amount of alcohol is relative and it’s based on the industries that produce it. Besides apple cider vinegar for allergies, there are a lot of benefits for health. Such as to decrease the level of cholesterol inside the blood, to avoid the allergic, to relieve sore throat, to solve skin problems, to reduce joint stiffness, for gout and many things. The negative thing of apple cider vinegar is when you have over consumption, you will get stomach problem.

The contents inside an apple are good for health. Apple is a fruit that have a lot of vitamins inside such as A, B and C. There is also calcium, magnesium, zinc and potassium inside the apple. Apple is rich of phytonutrients, polyphenols and also anti oxidant. Those contents help works of apple cider vinegar for allergies. Instead of a lot of health problem also can be coverage throughout the apple cider vinegar.

Why Apple Cider Vinegar For Allergies Works?

As mentioned before that apple has a lot of nutrient that good for health. Apple cider vinegar also the same because made by an apple. People must be confused how come the apple cider vinegar for allergies works. Apple cider vinegar for allergies works because of apple cider vinegar have ability below.

  • As anti fungus

With a lot of contents that good for health, apple cider vinegar is have substance anti bacteria. With the anti bacteria substance, apple cider vinegar for allergies will be helpful. Because will kill the bacteria that cause eczema.

  • Skin rejuvenate
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The apple cider vinegar has ability for skin rejuvenates. It is based on the content of beta carotene. The beta carotene will help the cell renewal. After you got your skin renewal, your allergies may be kicking off.

  • Avoid the allergies

The apple cider vinegar for allergies is works also caused by the potassium inside the apple. The potassium will be normalizing the pH of the skin. So that, the eczema problem will be solve.

  • Anti toxic

The apple cider vinegar can work as the anti toxic. Rich of fiber inside the apple will be help people to kick the toxic inside the body. Not just for allergies but another skin problem also will be covered.

  • Can handle the itchy

Usually the allergies will make the skin being dry. Because of the mineral and oil are absorbed. The dry skin will be worsening the allergies. The apple cider vinegar will cover the dry skin to make it moist.

How to Kick Allergies Through Apple Cider Vinegar?

Use the apple cider vinegar for allergies can be done through some ways. Such as consumption or put in the area of allergies. Below are the details.

  1. Prepare two table spoon apple cider vinegar and 2 table spoon water. Mix both till it mixed. Take the cotton, dip it and tap in the allergies area. If you think that your skin is sensitive, so decrease the dose.
  2. The second one is by consumed it. You can take the apple cider vinegar and add to your food or drink. After that, consume it.

That is not hard to use apple cider vinegar for allergies. The thing that you must remember is apple cider vinegar available with or without alcohol. So make sure that you are not allergy of alcohol before you consume it. The over use of apple cider vinegar is also not good, so note the usage.

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