Argan Oil for Hair Growth Benefits: Natural Way to Grow Your Hair

Along with the invention of technologies in aesthetic world, women can lengthen their hair through instant ways, such as hair extension process. This sounds like a good idea since you can make your hair longer within just hours.

Argan Oil For Hair Benefits


But, there are some problems often come with the hair extension process such as hair damage. If you are eagerly to grow hair using natural ways, argan oil can be a good solution for you. Here are all things you need to know about argan oil for hair growth benefits.

What Is Argan Oil Actually?

Just like the name suggests, argan oil is plant oil that comes from the kernels of tree with the same name, argan tree. The tree which has Latin name Argania Spinosa L. is native to Morocco. The oil is used for various purposes by people in Morocco, such as to drizzle on pasta, salad, or couscous.

The Moroccans also usually use this natural oil along with honey and ground roasted almond to dip bread eaten during breakfast. Other than to use the oil from argan tree for culinary, people in Morocco also use it for cosmetic purposes.

People there believe that the oil contains substances that are useful for skin health. Moroccans also believe that the oil is very beneficial for hair care and can be used to treat skin disease as well. There are many products of argan oil for cosmetic purposes available in United States which are sold without additive substances now.

So, what makes this argan extraction product is so beneficial for skin and hair treatment? Well, this is because the oil contains tocopherols or vitamin E which is very good for skin and hair health. It also contains natural phenols such as oleuropein, tyrosol, caffeic acid, vanilic acid, etc. In addition, the oil also contains fatty acid, squalene, carotene, and much more.

Argan Oil For Hair Growth Before And After


Reasons Why You Should Start to Use the Extract of Argan for Your Hair Growth and Beauty

Moroccans believe that this oil from argan tree can make your hair grow beautifully and stronger. Here are some other reasons that make you have to start to use argan oil for hair growth.

  1. Dry Scalp and Eliminate Dandruff

The first benefit of the oil for your hair is that it can help you to dry your scalp due to the vitamin E contained in the oil. Thus, there will be no dandruff on your head anymore. The essential fatty acid you can find in the oil also makes it possible for it to avoid skin inflammation and moisture your skin.

  1. It Is a Natural Conditioner
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The oil can be used as natural conditioner for your hair and fix split ends.

  1. Protect Your Hair from Heat

One of the nicest things about using this beneficial oil for your hair treatment is that it can help you to protect your hair from heat, especially the one comes from flat irons and hair blow. This is because the chemicals contained in the oil function to enrich your hair, repair damage, and give it nutrients.

Argan Oil For Hair Benefits


How to Use Oil from Argan Tree Extraction for Growing Hair

There are some recipes to use argan oil for hair growth. The recipes are quite easy that you can easily find the materials around your home.

  1. Argan Oil Combined with Hemp Seed Oil

The first recipe is combining this extraction of argan tree with hemp seed oil. This combination is very perfect for growing your hair natural as well as makes it healthier and stronger.

You can prepare 1 part of the oil from argan and 2 parts of hemp seed oil. You can also add a few drops of another essential oil you prefer. This is very easy to create the combination of the oil and hemp sees oil. All you need to do is mixing the two oils and then store the mixture in a bottle or the other containers so you can use it next time. Use the mixture as conditioning mask for your hair. Rinse it after you leave it for about 1.5 hours.

  1. Argan Oil and Egg Hair Cream

Just like the oil from argan, egg is also believed to give benefits for hair. So, the mixture of the oil and egg hair cream is such a good combination. Prepare 1 whole egg, 2 tablespoons of the extract of argan, and ½ tablespoon of lemon juice.

Mix the three ingredients as a conditioning mask for your hair. Unlike the argan extraction and hemp seed oil combination, you can leave the oil from the extract of argan and egg hair cream mixture on your hair as long as you can stand before you rinse it.

  1. Argan Oil and Coconut Oil

All you need to prepare to use argan oil for hair growth is by combining it with coconut oil. You will need 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and 10 drops of argan extraction. Mix all the ingredients altogether, apply it on your hair, and then wrap it. Leave it for an hour before you rinse it.


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