Doing Armpit Fat Removal Exercise Without Equipment the Right Way

Armpit fat makes your appearance is less attractive especially if you have to wear sleeveless or strapless dress. It can lower your confidence and make you feel uncomfortable. If you have extra fat under your armpit, well, the good news is that you are not alone.

There is no instant way to remove your armpit fat permanently, unless you do some exercises. But, as experienced by many women who also have jobs out there, it is not always easy to spare time for going to gym to have exercise.

Armpit Fat Removal


But, there are some easy tips you can use to lose extra fat under your armpit without you have to go to the gym or use equipment. Here are tips for armpit fat removal without equipment you can do anytime and anywhere.

How Can You Get Extra Fat Under Your Arms?

Most women in this world have ever experience to get extra fat under their armpit. The fat can come from many reasons. The wrong picking up of bra which is not properly fit to your breasts is considered to be the most common reason why you have this extra fat.

Armpit Fat Before And After


To avoid armpit fat, you have to prevent yourself to wear smaller cups if compared to your breasts. Not only it can make you get armpit fat, but it can also make you feel less comfortable. The smaller size of cups make your breast tissues tend to “escape’ to your underarm areas.

The “escaped” breast tissues will turn into armpit fat if you let this condition for long time of period. The armpit fat also can occur if you choose band which does not fit to your body. Report says that there are around 80% of women who do not wear the right bra.

But the right size of bra you use will not guarantee that you will not get extra fat under armpit. This is because most of bras which are available in the market now are not especially design to avoid the occurrence of armpit fat on women.

Another factor that causes armpit fat for some people is genetic trait. A woman whose mother, grandmother, or aunt experience of armpit fat then she will tend to have bigger possibility to experience the same issue.

The lack of exercises that women do can also cause the armpit fat. If you are rarely actively using your upper body, you will also have bigger possibility to have extra fat under your armpit since the muscle tone that functions to tighten up the area is little.

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If you are a woman that naturally has large breasts, then you will tend to have this armpit fat. This is because the content in your chest and breast is relatively high so the occurrence of armpit fat hang is also higher.

The women weight gain is the next reason why they have this extra fat. This is because the fat the women have when they gain weight will not only collect on certain parts of their body. The fat will spread to all parts of women body, include the armpit.

Armpit Fat Removal Exercises


How to Remove Extra Fat under Armpit without Equipment

Here are some tips for armpit fat removal you can use without any equipment.

  1. Limit Daily Caloric Intake

Since the increase of weight gain is one of the reasons that causes armpit fat, then limiting daily caloric intake can be effective way. Avoid eating processed food and junk food to reduce your daily caloric intake. Instead of eating junk food, you can start to eat more veggies and fruits, whole wheat, olive oil, and nuts.

  1. Avoid Dehydration

The second tip to remove fat under armpit is by avoiding dehydration and makes you keep hydrate by consuming more plain water. Avoid drinking soda, packaged smoothies, and coffee. Not only they can make you dehydration but those beverages contain high calories.

  1. Doing High Intensity Exercises

The most effective way for armpit fat removal is by doing high intensity exercises regularly for about an hour each time. You are suggested to burn up to 500 calories to reduce armpit fat. The possible workouts you can do without equipment include speed – walking, swimming laps, climbing stars or hills, jogging, running and much more. You will lose up to 2 pounds every week if you do the exercises regularly.

     4. Add Muscle Building

Another effective way to remove fat under armpit is by adding muscle building to your exercise. Instead of using equipment, you can use your own body weight for resistance. The possible muscle building works without equipment include boot camp, power yoga, and circuit trainings.

5. Tone Your Arms’ Muscles

You can tone your muscles on arms by doing resistance armpit fat removal exercise. You can do push – up, yoga sun salutations, and pull ups. Those exercises not only can tone your arm muscles, but also back and chest muscles.

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