Baby Constipation Medicine: All You Need to Know

Constipation in babies can get you frustrated. It changes the course of your baby’s life a lot. There are many things that can be the causes of constipation in baby. Just like in adult, most of constipation cases occur in babies is caused by the lack consumption of food that containing fiber.

Some light cases of baby constipation can be treated easily at home. But in some heavier cases, medical treatment is needed. Though most constipations occur in toddlers are considered less harmful, but the untreated constipation can lead your babies into more serious health problems. This article will talk about the baby constipation medicine and all you need to know about it. So just keep reading!

What Is Constipation in Baby?

Constipation in baby is actually something uncommon to happen. It is actually not a disease, but just a symptom. Constipation is usually referred to movements of bowels that occur infrequently or hard to pass. The stool resulted by this condition is usually dry and hard.

Babies usually have approximately three up to four bowel movements per day. If your babies have less than three bowel movements then you have to suspect that they are having constipation. But for babies who consume only breast milk might not experience constipation and have fewer movements of bowels due to the amount of nutrition absorbed by their body.

The fewer movements of bowels are often experienced by babies who consume formula. This condition also common happens when your tot is starting potty training or consumes processed foods or formula for the first time as a baby.

The common signs that show your babies are having constipation include:

  1. Infrequent Bowel Movement

Infrequent bowel movement is the common sign that shows your baby is having constipation. Due to the limitation of food consumed by your babies, their bowel movements will fluctuate from time to time. This condition will commonly happen when you are trying to give processed foods or formula for the first time to your baby. You also need to look at the consistency of your baby’s stool. Your tot might have constipation if the stool’s consistency is hard and dry.

  1. Straining

Be aware of your babies when they are straining while they have to go to bathroom since it can also be the sign of constipation. The hard and clay-like stools produced by your tots are usually hard to pass. This condition makes your baby strains and needs more time to spend in bathroom.

  1. Blood in the Stool
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For some cases of baby constipations, the tots will produced stool that come out with blood. It can be happened because the hard stool produced will injure the anal wall and makes it bleeding. The blood will usually come out with the stool.

Though constipation is usually easy to treat at home, but this condition can lead your baby to have more serious health problems in some cases. The diseases caused by constipation include anal fissure, hemorrhoid, and fecal impaction. Baby constipation medicine given by doctor to treat the symptoms can be varying based on the causes of them.

Remedies for Baby’s Constipation

There are some treatments parents can do to relieve baby’s constipation. Most of time, this condition can be settled by doing home remedies. Here are some tips to relieve the symptoms.

  1. Switch the up the Milk

The first tip to relieve the symptom of constipation, you can switch up the milk. Most of constipations in babies are caused by certain ingredients used in formula that can’t be tolerated well by them. Manage to stop giving them their usual formula at least until the symptom is relieved.

  1. Use Solid Food

The next thing to relieve constipation in babies is by using solid foods with high fiber. The foods that can help your babies improve their bowel movements include broccoli, peaches, prunes, pears, and skinless apple.

  1. Use Pureed Food

Pureed foods are also the best ingredients to clear constipation. This kind of food is a good solution for your tots who are below 6 months old and unable to eat solid food with high fiber.

If the tips above do not work well, you can try baby constipation medicine such as:

  1. Glycerin Suppository

Glycerin suppository is one of the medications you can try to clear your tots’ constipation. You can easily find the product in the drugstore. This medicine can be safely used for children above 2 years old. But you are strongly suggested to consult your doctor first before using the product if your babies are under 2 years old.

  1. Laxatives

The next medicine you can use to relieve constipation in your baby is laxatives. This medication is recommended for toddlers above 6 months old. The baby constipation medicine is made of psyllium powder and malt – barley extract to help your toddlers relieve the symptom.

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