Baby Constipation Remedies

Constipation for babies can be very difficult for the parents as well as the baby. Constipation that occurs in babies is more about the stool, whether it’s soft or hard, rather than the frequency of how much they are going to the bathroom. Newborn babies usually have the bowels move after each time they eat or feed how frequent they have their bowel movements will start to change once they hit the 2 to 3 month period. Usually constipation in babies is based on some frequency and hard there stool is, which can be very difficult and extremely painful for it to flow through their systems.  As a parent you should be able to help with this pain with constipation from home, some new parents are very eager to pick up that phone and call the doctor or their local pediatrician.  Just know there are some things you can do to help your baby, and possibly eliminate that trip to the doctor. Let’s read more about baby constipation remedies here.

Baby Constipation RemediesOne of the most effective treatments for babies with constipation is to get some prune juice, and mix it with some water or something else that they might like to drink.  This is a great option for babies that are around the age of 5 weeks old or older. Try getting at least one ounce of prune juice minimum with at least one to two ounces of water into their bottle, and try to have them drink it at least two to three times a day, this will help try to soften the stool and help with frequency if the baby is having issues with that.

Giving the baby prune juice is great, but please do not treat this as a substitute to any of their normal feedings such as formula or breast feeding. Even though you might think you need to sweeten up the mixture of some sort, but you do not have to at all, that could possibly weaken the mixture. Don’t worry about if you baby is going to like the taste or not, babies have a natural sucking reflex, so when you put the bottle to their mouth they will drink it.

If you try feeding the baby prune juice and she doesn’t take it all in or doesn’t like it and is younger than 5 weeks of age, you might want to take their temperature using a rectal thermometer which should stimulate the baby’s bowel’s to make them move much easier.

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If you do not know how to properly take a babies temperature rectally, I would recommend not attempting it until you have your pediatrician or nurse show you the proper technique.  One important thing to remember is that if the babies temperature is above the normal average, then please consult a medical professional as soon as possible.  You never want to use a laxative on a baby, but ask the pharmacist if a glycerin suppository would be OK for softening the stool and to help with stimulation.

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Usually if a child is over 4 months old and is constipated, that can be caused from the baby being introduced to eating solid foods as opposed to their normal soft food.  When the baby’s digestive system is being introduced to the new solid foods, it can react in different ways which would mean there bowel movement habits will change from what they were before.

Breastfed babies do not become constipated very easily, but it can happen.  Babies who use formula are more like to become constipated, so you probably want to discuss with your pediatrician or health care professional about switching the formula so that the baby doesn’t get constipation or possibly relieve some of the pain.

You really want to make sure you are giving your baby plenty of water so that can help with the bowels and also if you notice the baby is not urinating frequently.  Babies can also have colic, and that is when they have constipation with pain or any discomfort lasting usually about 2 hours or more.

You should call your pediatrician immediately if you start to see blood in the baby’s stool more than once time or if it comes in large amounts. Get in touch with your medical professional straight away for those who notice blood within your baby’s stool greater than after or in excessive amounts.  I hope this information and facts is valuable and for those who have attempted the dwelling treatments and they usually do not operate correctly, please speak to an expert straight away.

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