Beautiful, Glowing Skin Isn’t Rocket Science

It does not matter how old we are, we all want a beautiful healthy skin. This is not limited to women. While women may want something specific such as an incredibly smooth, flawless and glowing complexion, men wish for a healthier skin – a skin so healthy they do not have to deal with the itchy and extremely dry skin or greasy with regular hormonal acne breakouts ever again.

However, the quest for achieving such level of perfection is easier said than done for it is not at all an easy task. Some may think the right skincare is what they need to get a clear, healthy and glowing skin and so they spend a large amount of money to fund their regular beauty treatment and purchase various skin products – the latter is something that is so common to happen.

Treatment in a dermatologist clinic may bring lots of benefits, but it may also cost an arm and a leg. Many people especially women do not have the resources to afford such luxury, one of the most affordable solutions they can think of is by purchasing commercial skin care products which are available in the market – but this does not come without its own set of challenges.

Glowing Skin NaturallyThere are a myriad of different skin tones and types – which makes finding one skincare product that is suitable to your skin type and tone and what it needs. Majority of skincare products which are available in the market are not made to be compatible for all skin types and tones – so what happens when you use a skincare product that is not suitable for your skin?

The wrong products for your skin type may not only fail to solve the issues you have, but may also worsen the condition of your skin. Just like any part of your body, your skin can also get sick – using the wrong medicine, in this case your skincare product, may make it worse.

The best rule of thumb is if you use one particular product to get rid of your super oily skin, and your skin is still as greasy as fried chicken tenders after countless nights of using it, you might as well toss the product out of the window. Do not attempt to keep using it just because you do not want your money to go to waste.

Five Basic Skin Types You Must Know

Finding the right product for your skin type can be extremely confusing, and it’s incredibly disheartening when the outcome in the end is nowhere near what the product claims. That’s the thing about skincare products, no matter what it says it does to damaged skin, no matter how much of money you have spent, no matter how many people vouch for the product and tell you how much it’s saved their lives and brought back their youthful glowing skin, no matter how many bottles you have gone through, no experience is the same.

Five Basic Skin Types


Each individual is unique, their experience does, too. Their skin may have similar general characteristic, but at the end of the day a tiny bit of detail may change the end result altogether. Knowing your skin type, along with its characteristics is not only necessary, but also absolutely important in order to help you make the right decision about the proper treatment for your skin.

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Your skin type largely depends on the level of oil and water your skin has as water affects elasticity and oil affects texture of your skin; another aspect that it depends on is the level of sensitivity of your skin. Below is a list of five basic skin types you must know:

  • Normal

Normal skin type generally has a little to no imperfections, there is no severe sensitivity and visible pores present. This skin type also has radiant complexion.

  • Dry

Those who have dry skin typically has a dull and rough complexion as well as invisible pores. Skin is not as elastic as normal skin while lines and red patches are often visible.

  • Oily

Those with oily skin type, like those with dry skin type, also suffer from a dull and shiny complexion – however, the difference lies in the fact that oily skin has a thicker complexion. Another notable sign are enlarged pores with blemishes, pimples, and blackheads.

  • Combination

Combination skin type is typically oily in some areas and normal or dry in others. If the pores of your skin look slightly more open and larger than normal, and you often deal with shiny skin and black heads, chances are you have a combination skin.

  • Sensitive

Sensitive skin type very often show redness and dry patches along with itching, and burning sensation. There are many possibilities as to what cause them, but the triggers are greatly varied – it is advised for those with sensitive skin type to avoid anything that may aggravate their condition such as particular products.

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