Beautiful, Glowing Skin Isn’t Rocket Science

Five Ways to Get a Glowing Skin Naturally

Now that you have gotten tips on proper and well balanced diet, it’s time to give you five glowing skin care routine that you must adopt right away in order to get that glowing skin without makeup look.

Exfoliate to Get a Glowing Skin Naturally


  1. Never forget to exfoliate

Just washing your face twice a day is not enough. Dermatologists advise those wishing for a healthy glowing skin to exfoliate. One of the most common cause of a dull-looking skin is dead, and dry skin. This skin simply has no place in your face as it interferes with that radiant look you are after. Exfoliate regularly, at least two times every two weeks. Just remember to exfoliate your skin gently as sloughing away the dry skin may irritate the fresh skin underneath.

Moisturize to Get a Glowing Skin Naturally


  1. Always moisturize

Moisture is your skin’s best friend just as contour is to Kim Kardashian. Glowing complexion does not only call for regular exfoliation, but also moisturizer. This is due to the fact that our skin is exposed to external environment all the time, whether it is because of the harsh climate or our own doing, our skin risk scratches and damages that seems like a crack on a microscopic level which, over time, leads to a dull and dry looking skin surface.

Hence the importance of moisturizer. When we apply moisturizer, the natural fat or lipids which it contains of will fill up the cracks – which are also known as fissures – in between the cells. Not only does this give off that smooth-looking surface, moisturizers are also able to repair the function of your skin barrier.

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Another thing worth noting is how you apply said moisturizers – and yes, it matters. You may start applying your moisturizer in upward strokes – this does not only stimulate your cells, but also increases your blood circulation. On top of that, a gentle upward stroke may help bring oxygen to the surface which gives you that incredibly nourished, healthy and glowing skin look.

Drink Water to Get a Glowing Skin Naturally


  1. Drink water

When you are dehydrated, you risk damaging your skin. Many think dehydration can easily be fixed with a few glasses of water, but that’s not the truth. While you may get rid of your thirst immediately after drinking, what dehydration does to your skin cannot be solved as easily as you initially thought.

The next time you put off drinking water, remember that your skin cells are composed of water, when they are forced to work in dehydrated environment, it may result in fine lines and scales. The worst offender of premature aging. Don’t want wrinkles? Drink enough water.

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