Beautiful, Glowing Skin Isn’t Rocket Science

Beauty is Not Only Skin Deep

There is one idiom which says “beauty is only skin deep,” but when it comes to skin treatment, that cannot be further from the truth. This is also one thing that many people seem to forget – the fact that the beauty and health of their skin also depends on their lifestyle. How well you are taking care of yourself and how well your eating habit play a significant role.

Having a healthy, glowing skin without pimples isn’t just a matter of slathering layers upon layers of beauty creams, elixirs, or gels for the matter at hand is not only skin deep. It goes well beyond it – maybe you can afford the best renowned skincare product, but ultimately, there is one glaring fact that you cannot avoid, and that is the fact that even the most expensive skincare treatment must be paired with a proper and equally healthy lifestyle for it to bring maximum result.

Beautiful Glowing Skin


Beauty is not only skin deep, it is not just a matter of how it looks from the outside, but also how you feel about it. Skin, particularly that of your face, is constantly in contact with external environment which, whether you are aware of it or not, is largely affected by various internal factors.

Numerous scientific studies conducted over the years find that factors as follows greatly impact your skin condition:

  • UV exposure

Ultra Violet is one of the worst offender in the pigmentation of your skin, it results in solar lentigo or freckles and the thinning or thickening of your skin such as the wrinkled and coarse condition that is commonly found in the back of your neck.

  • Aging

The older you are, the frailer your skin becomes. Your skin will lose its elasticity, and natural oil which magnifies the flaws of your skin such as visible lines and coarse texture.

  • Hormones
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Estrogen is the hormone that is responsible to maintain the hydration and texture of your skin. Hormone is a fickle thing to deal with, estrogen is not different. A high level of estrogen level may cause an uneven pigmentation, low level of estrogen may make your skin dry and susceptible to damage.

  • Pollution

Pollution is not only problematic to the environment we live in, but also for your skin. For instance, dust may clog your pores which leads to spots and acnes, chemical pollutants may break your natural skin oil which serve as a natural moisturizer for your skin,

  • Smoking

Any type of cigarette, whether it be cigars or patches, contains nicotine which decreases the oxygen and nutrient flow to your epidermis, on top of that, it is also found to constrict your small blood vessels. Nicotine consumption has long been known a one the biggest culprit of wrinkles and the skin’s inability to quickly recover from wounds.

  • Alcohol consumption

Alcohol consumption causes a constant blood vessel dilation. This, over time, may lead to a permanent condition of red capillaries that is present in your face.

  • Stress

Humans’ adrenal gland is responsible for secreting hormones, when you are stressed out, the adrenal gland over-stimulate your sebaceous glands which results in an increase production of oil.

With that being said, as necessary as a good skincare product is, glowing skin from within is one thing that everyone wishing for healthier and radiant complexion should do. As it has already been stated, any treatment from outside responds better when you take care of your internal front as well. Who would have thought that cleansing, moisturizing, and toning your skin can also be done from within?

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