Beautiful, Glowing Skin Isn’t Rocket Science

15 Healthy Foods That Make Your Skin Glow

Remember how your skin used to look like when you were younger? We are sure all of us still remember how supple and youthful it looked like as if it was yesterday. Reminiscing how our skin used to be always leaves us wondering whether or not we can repair our skin and make it at least half how it used to be.

Before you are resorting to shelling out a ridiculous amount of cash, let us ask one question: why waste your hard-earned money on fancy skin care products and serums if you can achieve such glowing skin without spending a fortune?

The quest for a clear and glowing complexion may seem like a lost cause, if not extremely expensive, to some. Truth is, it’s not. With a few lifestyle changes and by being a bit more conscious about what you are putting in your mouth and consuming, not only will you able to help your skin repair the damage, you may also keep your skin looking radiant and healthy as ever.

While it’s true that skincare products may help you temporarily fix your problems, they are still not a band-aid. Repairing damaged skin and maintaining a healthy glowing skin does not come from a fancy bottle or tub of creams, it depends on your habit and lifestyle. Here we will talk about beauty habits that you must adopt and changes you should make in order to get a glowing skin naturally.

One of the surefire ways to achieve a healthy and glowing skin is by watching what you eat. This does not mean you must make a radical change, you can simply substitute what we consider bad foods with others that are more wholesome and better in terms of nutrients and quality.

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According to many scientific studies done over the years, swapping and incorporating certain foods into your daily meals may not only help you get what you wish for, but also help your body and skin fight back against the inflammatory genes we all have.

Is that even possible? Some of you may wonder. The short answer is, definitely. The long and mouthful one is, well, whole foods pack all the nutrients our body (and also skin, that goes without saying) needs. These nutrients are the ones which are responsible for repairing and strengthening our tissues – not only that, they will also nourish every inch of our skin and get us that stunning glow we are after.

Carrots for Beautiful Glowing Skin


  1. Carrots

When carrots are brought up, one thing that we instantly associate with it is the fact that it is rich of vitamin A. A little-known fact is, other than it is good for our sights, vitamin A along with the beta carotene it contains have the power to prevent the overproduction of cells. When we consume enough vitamin A and beta carotene, our skin will have less dead cells that often clog our pores.

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