Best Face Exfoliator for Men

What If Exfoliation Goes Wrong?

Can exfoliation go wrong? If done improperly and incautiously, exfoliation may well backfire and do more harm than good. Exfoliation using brush is an abrasive treatment. If it is done overly, the skin might be irritated or even damaged. It might become red and more prone to acne and breakouts.

Over-exfoliation may also over-stimulate the oil glands, leading to the overproduction of oil that may clog the pores. If chemicals are used, they may cause tingling or burning sensation on the skin. If alpha-hydroxy acids are used, the protective layer of the skin might be eroded and the skin will become more susceptible to sun damage.

Most exfoliation treatments and products are also not cheap. Prescription can be pricey and most over-the-counter products are hardly considered cheap. Men who are too ambitious with maintaining their facial glow using this treatment will end up straining their budget, which is not good for them and their family.

Some exfoliation products, such as plastic microbeads, are not considered eco-friendly. Their disposal can surely hurt the nature and cause environmental problem. They will flow with waterways to the ocean and they will end up becoming feeds for unfortunate sea creatures.

It is worthy to remember that just because men have rough skin doesn’t mean that they should exfoliate their skin. They must be aware of how sensitive their skin is and try to exfoliate it gently to see how it reacts to the treatment. If the skin becomes irritated, they may need to cease the treatment immediately, even if their skin becomes less flaky after they exfoliate it. Consulting a doctor or dermatologist will be a great help in such situation.

Exfoliation must be done properly using proper treatment and the best face exfoliator for men and with full awareness of its consequences, including the worst ones. This way, men who exfoliate their skin can reap most of its benefits without causing problem to their skin, their budget and the environment.

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