Best Face Exfoliator for Men

Tips for Safe and Effective Facial Skin Exfoliation for Men

Skin exfoliation for men is different from that for women, especially because men’s skin is different from that of women. Therefore, many exfoliation tips and products that work for women may not work for men. Men who wish to exfoliate their facial skin properly and safely may need to look into the following tips.

  1. It is recommended to stick with natural products.

Men should opt for products that use natural abrasive materials, such as pumice (light porous rock), fruit seeds and sea salt. Those materials will gently scrub the skin and will not cause problem to the environment. Some homemade remedies can also be used for exfoliating purpose. We will look into those remedies later in this article.

  1. Be aware of the consequence of using chemicals.

This doesn’t mean you cannot use chemicals to peel off your dead skin cells. It is okay to use them as long as you are aware of their side effects and how to deal with them.

Alpha-hydroxy acids, for example, have been known to be exfoliating agent that is effective for loosening and removing dead skin cells, but they may cause the skin to be more sensitive to sunray. In this situation, the topical application of sunscreen with higher SPF than normal may be necessary to counter the problem.

  1. Exfoliation should be done gently.

It is recommended that men scrub their skin gently to find out how their skin reacts to the treatment. If it is irritated, the treatment might need to be discontinued and an appointment with a doctor or a dermatologist may need to be scheduled.

  1. Use gloves or sponge if necessary.

Men normally use their hands to scrub their face. While this doesn’t cause the treatment to be less effective, using nylon gloves or loofa sponge might help improve the efficacy of the treatment as well as the product that is being used.

Nylon gloves are known to be able to improve circulation and to open up pores and loofa sponge and other types of sponge with similar characteristics can cause the soap to form lather, which is good to allow the soap to clean the skin thoroughly.

  1. Schedule exfoliation treatment properly.

Men who want to keep the freshness of their face tend to want to exfoliate their facial skin on daily basis. While this scheduling pattern will work for many men, exfoliation that is performed too frequently may cause skin irritation and damage.

Normally, the safest way to exfoliate the skin is to do it three times in a week. Busy men who cannot keep a hold on this scheduling pattern can use an exfoliating mask once a week.

  1. Use only the best face exfoliator for men.

Men should use only the best product to treat their skin. Different men have different skin types and levels of skin sensitivity. Therefore, they must be able to choose the right exfoliating agent for their skin. We will talk about this in the section below.

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