Best Skin Lightening Cream for Dark Skin

How to Choose the Best Skin Lightening Cream for Dark Skin?

If all skin whitening creams do the same job, how can you distinguish a good cream from a bad cream? There are several important things to consider when you want to choose the best skin lightening cream for dark skin.

  1. Safety

You should always prioritize on the safety feature of the cream. Almost all potent skin lightening creams contain hydroquinone, which can be harmful to your skin. If you want to buy a skin lightening cream that is safe for your bodily organs, be sure that the concentration of hydroquinone in the cream that you buy is 2% or lower.

There are products that contain 4% hydroquinone; however, those products are available only with prescription. You can use those products only if your doctor recommends them to you. If you buy an over-the-counter cream, be sure that it doesn’t contain too much hydroquinone.

Why should you worry about hydroquinone? When you apply this substance to your skin, it will cause your skin to produce less melanin. Because melanin is naturally produced to protect your skin from the harmful effect of the sun, your skin will be very sensitive to sunray if your cream contains a significant concentration of hydroquinone.

Even if you use cream that is deemed safe, you should always be aware of your skin’s sensitivity. Avoid sun as much as possible or apply sunscreen with sun protection factor (SPF) of 15 or greater.

  1. Antioxidant

Antioxidant is good for your body because it cleans your body from free radicals, which are natural pollutants for your body. On the skin, free radicals are formed when dead skin cells accumulate on the surface of your skin.

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Sometimes, instead of dealing with melanin, it will be better for you if you deal with your dead skin cells because they make your skin less clear and clean. Apply antioxidants to your skin and you can have clearer and younger skin. You can read the list of natural remedies that are rich in antioxidant later in this article.

  1. Skin type

When choosing skin whitening cream, be sure that you take your skin type into consideration. The best skin lightening cream for dark skin that works great on certain people may not work with similar efficiency on you because your skin type is different from them.

Therefore, find out if your skin is dry, oily, normal, light, brown, black, etc. If you cannot determine your skin type, you can always consult a dermatologist to find that out. After you know what your skin type is, you can pick a skin lightening cream that is suitable for your skin. This is fairly easy to do because almost every cream includes information about the skin type it is suitable for on its box.

  1. Ingredient

You should be knowledgeable of the most common ingredients of popular skin lightening cream. You should know why they are good for your skin and why they may be harmful.

We have talked about hydroquinone before, but you need to know that besides this ingredient, there are some common skin lightening ingredients that you must also be familiar with. The list of those ingredients will also come later in this article.

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