The Best Treatments and Essential Oil for Ingrown Toenail

The Best Treatments and Essential Oil for Ingrown Toenail – Having a problem of ingrown toenail must be really annoying, uncomfortable, and painful for sure. Although it seems not too important, the ingrown toenail can simply disturb your daily activities.

The simplest way you can do is probably trying to get it out and cut it off so that it will not be inserted to the toe skin anymore. However, it should be done by the expert ones. Yes, it is too risky to be done by yourself except you have prepared all the clinical tools and equipments well.

Essential Oil For Ingrown Toenail


But you must not worry; there are some easier and safer ways to get rid of the ingrown toenail you can do yourself. One of them is by using essential oils. So, what are they and how are the treatments? Here is the explanation.

The Functions of Essential Oil for Ingrown Toenail

Essential oil is probably known for its aroma-therapeutic characteristics. Undeniably, the oil when being smeared on your skin can bring relaxing and refreshing aroma. Interestingly, the functions can even be more than that. It tends to relax your skin literally.

As you know, skin basically covers muscles, blood vessels, and other tissues. For some certain factors, they can be tightened and stretched. Then, the essential oil helps them to slack a little bit.

Meanwhile, since your mind is relaxed as well for the good scent, your body in general will feel this way too. Then, does it work for the ingrown toenail? Definitely, it is.

When you smear the essential oil on the skin with ingrown toenail including the wound part, the skin is slacked and relaxed as well. The ingrown toenail can just be released in much easier way. Besides, it tends to lessen the feeling of painful and fasten the healing process.

How To Get Rid Of An Ingrown Toenail Overnight


Types of Essential Oil for Ingrown Toenail

Actually, almost all types of essential oil can just be used to solve this problem. In fact, all essential oils have similar functions; it is to relax the skin and body, in general. However, for more specific types, there are some types of them that are more recommended.

They are essential oils made from Eucalyptus, tea tree, oregano, lavender, and peppermint. For additional treatments, you can also use Aloe Vera gel and coconut oil. Those types of essential oil are considered relaxing the skin faster particularly on certain areas like toe.

As you may know, the epidermis skin of toe area tends to be thicker and harder. It is also a good idea to mix some of those essential oils together before being applied on your skin. It is for severe conditions like when the toes is already swollen and fester.

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Put around 5 drops of each oil type and then put them in a small bowl. Soak the toe in the mixture or smear them gently on the skin.

How To Get Rid Of An Infected Ingrown Toenail


Treatments of Ingrown Toenail with Essential Oils

The treatments for ingrown toenail problems are various based on the level of severe. Sure, it is better to treat it as soon as possible once you feel painful on that area. Prepare some tools needed; nail clipper or small scissors that have been sterilized with alcohol, essential oil for ingrown toenail, and warm water if necessary.

When the toe itself is not swollen yet, it is easy to get the ingrown nail out. First, choose one of the essential oils mentioned above. Second, drop it on the area of wound, wait for around 2 or 3 minutes until both the skin and nail softer and more flexible. It they are not yet flexible and soft, it is recommended to soak the toe in the warm water at first.

Third, get the nail out using sterilized nail clipper or scissor. Try to get it out carefully even it means you must rip the epidermis skin. You must not worry; it will not be hurting or painful. Fourth, after it is out, cut it off. Lastly, smear the essential oil on the wound area.

For severe ingrown toenail, the treatments are more for sure although the steps are basically the same. First, make sure to soak the toe at first to make it more relaxed as well as softening the skin and nail. Second, apply the essential oil; it can be one or the mix of some essential oils.

Third, try the let the nail out even by ripping the skin, cut it very carefully. Fourth, try to remove all the pus if there is any, make sure you do it until all the pus is out and the toe is deflated. Lastly, smear the essential oil on the wound area.

It is quite easy, isn’t? The most important thing is be careful next time to prevent such a problem to be experienced. Keep cutting the nails when they are growing up. So, those are how to get rid of an infected ingrown toenail using essential oil.

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