Black Spot on Toenail: Causes, Treatments, and Prevention

The natural color of toenail is actually white. But, the original color of the toenail can turn into black for some reasons. Of course, it makes your appearance looks unattractive. Infection and trauma are just some of the causes why black spot appears.

Black Spot On Toenail


The spot even sometimes indicates the more serious health problem in human body. In some cases, the spot can resolve by itself, but it needs treatment for some other cases sometimes. So, what causes the black spot on toenail? And what you can do to treat it?

The Causes of Black Spot that Occurs on Toenail

Commonly, the black spot on toenail can appear because of four things. Fungal infections, trauma, melanoma, and an underlying medical condition are considered as the main factors that black spot occurs on toenail.

  1. Fungal Infection

One of the most common reasons why there is dark spot on toenail is because of fungal infections. This is possible because your toenail is actually prone to be exposed of fungal infections. The shoes you wear for hours caused your toenails are under moist condition. Warm and moist environment is the perfect place for fungi to thrive. The changing of color on toenail caused by fungi is not into black color only, but also yellow. This color changing will be depend on the type of fungi infects the nail.

  1. Trauma

Trauma is the second reason why your nail turns into black color. If your nail experiences trauma, then the blood vessels beneath it will break. The bleeding resulted by the broken vessels makes your nail color turns into black or dark brown.

  1. Underlying Medical Condition

The changing of toenail’s color into black can be a sign for certain medical conditions. Black spot on toenail can be an indication that somebody is suffering from heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, or anemia.

  1. Melanoma

Compared to all factors mentioned above, melanoma is considered to be the most frightening reason. The appearance of dark brown spot on toenail can be the symptom of melanoma. The disease is thought to be one of the most dangerous skin cancers. In the melanoma case, the dark spot will not only appear on toenail but also under the nail beds.

Black Toenail No Pain


How to Treat Black Spot Appears on Toenail

There are some treatments you can conduct to bring the natural color of your toenail back. But it is very important for you to identify the cause of your small black spot under toenail first before deciding the rightest medication to cure it. This is because different cause of dark spot will require different treatment.

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If the changing color of your toenail is caused by fungal infections, you can use creams, polishes, or ointment to cure it. Fungal infections occur on toes needs easiest and simplest treatment compared to all. You can even treat it yourself at home. But, you are allowed to get prescriptions for antifungal treatment if necessary.

Meanwhile, dark toenail which is caused by trauma of an injury usually needs no treatment at all to resolve. All you need to do is just waiting till the broken vessels under your nails recover. But, if your black toenail doesn’t recover even after you use creams and ointment, then you might suspect that it causes by more serious health problem.

You are suggested to see a doctor to examine you so the causes of the dark spot on toenail can be identified, especially if this condition has been occurs for weeks. Though some cases of black toenail are considered as light health problem, but they can turn into a more serious health condition if you don’t treat them well.

The fungus infects under your nail can easily spread to the other parts of your body and cause more serious health problem. The untreated dark spot also can result in permanent damage to the nail. The black spot which keeps spreading even after the toenail grows out can be the symptom of melanoma. Manage to see your doctor soon if you find any complication caused by the black toenail.

Small Black Spot Under Toenail


How to Prevent Black Toenail

There are some things you can do in order to prevent the occurrence of black spot on toenail. To avoid black toenail caused by fungus, you have to keep your nails dry and clean. This is because fungus can grow well under moist condition.

Wash your legs and avoid to wear wet socks and shoes to avoid the fungus grow under your nails. You can wear closed – toe shoes when you go out or working to prevent black toenail caused by trauma.

This will help you to protect your nails so they will not get injured caused by dropped objects or when you are stumbled. Meanwhile, you will need to manage your health and get proper medical treatment in order to prevent black toenail caused by underlying medical condition.


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