Body Weight Training for Busy Men

The easiest way I’ve found to stay in shape whilst fulfilling my commitments at home and to my kids is by doing body weight exercises around the house. They don’t bulk you up as quickly as lifting weights, but my philosophy is that if pushups, situps, and pullups are good enough for army commandos, then they’re good enough for me.

Body Weight Training for Busy MenHere are some reasons why you should be doing body weight exercises:

Effectiveness – Are you wondering if body weight exercises are effective? Just ask the firemen, police officers, and elite fighters who live and die by these exercises. They may not be the biggest guys you’ve ever seen, but they’ll be among the strongest. If you feel like you’re starting to plateau, you can add weights, increase the reps and do variations. It’s easy to find weighted vests to add more resistance to your pushups, dips, etc.

Efficiency – Body weight exercises are both effective and economical. Not only are isometrics and body weight exercises financially efficient, they are time efficient. In certain martial arts there is a strong emphasis on “economy of movement”, meaning you shouldn’t exert a lot of energy on something if you don’t have to. Focus on the task before you and get it done with the least amount of effort.

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Flexibility – Body weight exercises can be done anywhere. Why should we be tied down to bulky gyms and exercise equipment? It’s a lot easier to do situps and pushups in the basement or living room than it is to drive to the gym and wait around for equipment to be free.

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Speed – Body weight exercises are fast. It is said that an isometric contraction can last for as little as 7 seconds for you to start benefiting from it. Isometrics, when done properly, make use of more muscle fibers than isolated exercises, and the more muscle fibers that are used, the more you build up your strength. Your workout can be done in just 30 minutes.


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