Can Paruresis Hypnosis Treatment Really Work?

Paruresis is a condition which prevents people from going to the bathroom when they are out of their normal environment. Many people find that they cannot go to the bathroom easily when they are using a public toilet or if they are anywhere where another person may see or hear them. The condition is also called “shy bladder” and it may be treated through paruresis hypnosis treatment.

Paruresis Hypnosis TreatmentThe condition is more common in men than it is in women and it is estimated to affect around 8 per cent of the population, which translates into millions of sufferers around the United States. Quite a nasty thought.

So it is reasonably common, however it is something that few people talk about and they do not tend to realize that so many other people also suffer from it. A lot of the time people who have it develop anxiety over it and may find that they begin to worry about it in advance of situations where they know they will have to use the bathroom out of their comfort zone.

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One of the most common types of treatment for paruresis is the retrain the mind to be confident about the ability to go to the bathroom in advance. And this method can be effective because sometimes people tend to mentally talk themselves into the problem through the anxiety that they develop. There is also paruresis hypnosis treatment, which can be very effective at helping people to deal with the problem and to overcome it.

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Hypnosis techniques can be very effective at retraining the mind to be confident and also to receive the relaxation signals that are sometimes psychologically blocked. This allows a person to start to urinate normally instead of going through a delay in unfamiliar situations.

Paruresis hypnosis can help you to prevent the condition and put a stop to the anxiety that it can cause when you are out of your regular environment.


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