The Causes, Treatments, and Preventions of Exfoliation Lipsense

Do you have a problem of exfoliation lipsense? Of course, this condition makes you feel not comfortable in doing many things. Yes, the lips are painful for eating and drinking. It is difficult also to apply your favorite lipstick since it can make the condition is worse.

Exfoliation Lipsense


More than that, kissing can even turn into nightmare. Well, there is no other choice except trying to heal your lips as soon as possible. Actually, the treatments and how long they will be cured can be different from one to another. It is also due to the causes of how your lips can be simply exfoliated. So, here is the explanation.

The Causes of Exfoliation Lipsense

There are many factors to make the lips are simply exfoliated. First, it can be due to the lack of vitamin C. Vitamin C is really needed by our body to support the metabolism and immune system. The lack of this vitamin tends to give you many problems including sprue, bleeding gum, and sure, the exfoliation of lips. So, make sure to fulfill your vitamin C needs everyday like by consuming fruits and multivitamins.

Second, this problem can also be because the lack of water. Similar to vitamin C, water is needed by our body including keeping the moist and maintaining the body metabolism healthy and balance. Well, if you don’t have enough water, one of the problems is the exfoliation of skin and lips.

Third, Exfoliation lipsense is because of the dirt, dust, and pollution. Undeniably, those matters are pollutants and not good for our body in general. It makes sense then if the lips can also be the victims of all the dirt outside.

Fourth, you may allergic of certain foods like caffeine or MSG. Yes, nothing in this world can be consumed overly including those two ingredients. The effects can be the problems on your lips anyway.

Fifth, you may apply wrong cosmetics particularly lipsticks. The lipsticks can be already out of date or simply, it is just not good on you. Lastly, the exfoliation of lips and skin is often suffered by them who work in air-conditioned room. You are probably one of them.

Lipsense Exfoliation Tips


The Treatments of Exfoliation Lipsense Using Home Remedies

Interestingly, you must not worry that much since lipsense exfoliation period can actually be simply solved. You should not directly decide to go to hospital for medical helps. For many reasons home remedies must be tried at first.

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The remedies are considered to be natural, safe, and without any side effects. So, what are they? First, we have the coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil contains fatty acid that is effective to moisturize your lips. For more effective results, you can mix it with butter before applying. Butter is beneficial to refresh your lip color anyway.

Second, here is honey. Make sure to choose natural honey rather than the packaged well since it is considered being more natural. Honey is also effective to moisture your skin and lips. More than that, it is also antibacterial to prevent the exfoliation getting worse.

Third, you can also use the Aloe Vera gel. Aloe Vera gel has some good characteristics; it is cool and relaxing. Apply the gel around twice a day and you can feel the lips more refreshing. The more important thing, it stops the exfoliation for sure.

Fourth, almond oil is the best ingredient for lip moisturized. Certainly, you can use it to cure the exfoliation lipsense as well.

Fifth, here is another cold ingredient; cucumber. Not only is it delicious for pickles, cucumber is also good for health and beauty treatments. Slice the cucumber into pieces and put them on your lips for around 15 minutes.

Lastly, some fruits that contain vitamin C are effective for exfoliation lipsense treatment. They can be lime, lemon, strawberry, and tomato. Grab the juice or make a mixture from them. Apply the water or mixture on your lips for around 15 minutes.

Lipsense Exfoliation Period


How is if those treatments cannot heal the lips problems even after more than a week? You have no other choice anyway. You should go to the doctor, hospital, or dermatologist for medical treatments.

The Preventions of Exfoliation Lipsense

Another important thing is doing some efforts to prevent this lips problem. First of all, you have to identify the causes of the exfoliation. If it is caused by your consumption habits like more MSG or caffeine intake, sure, you have to avoid consuming them too often.

However, there are some causes that cannot be simply avoided like the pollution and Air Conditioner. You must cover your lips with moisturizer before doing activities. Then, avoid using cosmetics that are proven not to be good for the lips.

Lastly, make sure to consume nutritious and healthy foods everyday like fruits and vegetables. Drinking pure water around 8 glasses per day is also effective to avoid the exfoliation lipsense.

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