The Dummies’ Guide to Chronic Lyme Disease Symptom

With early treatment of lyme disease, chronic lyme disease symptom is able to treated.  Lyme disease is caused by tick bite. If you are diagnosed with lyme disease, usually you will give with antibiotics for 2 – 4 weeks.

When the symptom is lingered beyond from the typical treatment duration, the chronic lyme disease is occurred.  There is about 1 from 10 persons that have experience the lingering symptom. There are wide ranges of chronic lyme disease symptom that look and feel such as other health problems.

This makes detection for chronic lyme disease symptom difficult. However, you can pay attention to these symptoms below if you curious if you are diagnosed with chronic lyme disease.

Chronic Lyme Disease Symptom


What Causes Lyme Disease And Symptoms Appeared

The blacklegged ticks are able to transmit other diseases causing viruses, bacteria and parasites.  This is known with coinfections. Lyme becomes diseases that reported in 5th rank of notifiable diseases in United States.

However, there is more case of lyme diseases that underreported. Lyme becomes difficult to treat when it is untreated for weeks, months or even years after first infections. Lyme divided into three categories, acute, early disseminated stage and late disseminated stage.

Each person reacts to lyme disease bacteria in different ways. One person can experience some of these entire symptom bellows. The symptom also varies in severities.


The signature symptoms from rash due to tick bite is oval redness.  The rashes are usually flat and not make itchy feeling.  The rash is signs that lyme infection is spread within skin tissues.  The rashes are able to expands and then able to disappear without treatment.


The early symptoms of lyme diseases is such as flu disease.  Whether there are present or not see the bite tick, you need to aware.  The symptoms appear often cycling in every few weeks.  The feeling of tiredness, lack of energy and exhausted are the most common symptoms appears.

The fatigue in lyme disease are different from ordinary fatigue as you can see activity as the point.  You might need a nap or take longer time to sleep.

Chronic Lyme Disease Symptoms Checklist


Achy, Swollen And Stiff Joints

The feeling of stiffness, joint pain and often the intermittent is probably the symptom of early Lyme symptom.  Joints can be in conditions such as warm when touched, inflamed, painful and swollen.

Person that has this disease is perhaps experience stiffness and limited range in some joints motion capability. The pain can be move around sometimes it can feel hurt in knee, and sometimes the pain can be occurred in neck or heels.

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The pain can be severe and transitory. It could be more than one joint affected and most of it is large joints that affected.

Joint problems are often attributing to the genetics, sports, and age causes.  However, lyme disease should be added to this list as the statistic from Health. Line indicates that:

  • 80% people with untreated lyme have symptom of joints and muscle problem
  • 50% people with untreated lyme have experienced the intermittent episodes from arthritis.
  • 2/3 people who have first episodes from joint pain is includes the infection in months.

Headaches, Fever and Dizziness

The other symptoms that common with flu symptoms are flu, fever and dizziness. The symptoms can be a low level and you are not aware if it is the lyme disease symptoms.

Night Sweats, Sleep Disturbance

Sleep disturbance in people who suffer lyme disease are common.  This can be caused by several things such as the joint pain,  the fluctuation on your body temperature and the night sweats that can make you fe discomfort and wake up in the night.

Cognitive Disturbance

You might pay attention when you feel that you are unable to pay concentration and focus on class or office.  The memory can be lapses and feel that you are unable to memorize easy things such as your family name.

Too Sensitivity to Light And There is Change In Vision Ability

You might feel get more sensitivity more into light even in indoor light.

Skin Outbreaks

Skin outbreaks sometimes appear in lyme disease.  See and consult with doctor if you see there is large bruises or rash that unable to know the causes. The skin outbreaks can be severe and make you feel itching.

Changes in Mood

Lyme disease can affect the mood of yours.  You can feel the feeling of stress, depressed and anxiety.

Chronic Lyme Disease Treatment Options


How to Treat Chronic Lyme Disease Symptom

In early lyme, the treatment considers the oral antibiotics that can least at 3 weeks.  Even, with the antibiotics taken in three weeks, some people could need to take one or more courses of antibiotics in due to the returns of the symptoms.

Lyme is tricky disease and affects to people in different ways. The longer time have symptom, it means more difficult to treat. Lyme is serious disease of tick borne and have wide range symptoms. Get as soon as treatment with antibiotics means you will have better outcomes.

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