The Chronic Yeast Infection Treatment Article of Your Dreams

The right chronic yeast infections treatment will prevent the worst condition from yeast infection that can lead into severe disease include cyst, tumor and cervix cancer. There are 75% women that report experience yeast Infection at least once in their life and there are more than 50% women that experience yeast Infection twice and more in their life.

The fungus candida’s is naturally present in vaginal environment.  The good bacteria Lactobacillus keeps the fungus candida’s amount in under control.  However, when there is unbalanced hormonal in your body, it can make yeast grow overload and make the symptoms of yeast infection occurred.

Chronic Yeast Infection Causes


What Causes Yeast Infection?

There are many factors that alter the normal hormonal balance in your body.  For example, pregnancy condition, taking birth control pills and taking estrogen therapy.  From article in journal Clinical Microbiology Newsletter, there are several things that risk in causing yeast Infection.  These include condition of:

  • Frequent using of antibiotic Medicines.  There are conditions were taking antibiotic frequent is risking in killings the beneficial bacteria that keep the candida’s bacteria in under control.
  • The uncontrolled diabetes mellitus.  When a person suffers diabetes mellitus, this can trigger the spike sugar in vagina membrane and the sugar will trigger the yeast.
  • Condition that affect the weakened immune system, the particularly is HIV and sexual disease.
  • Obesity.  Obesity can result condition that provide areas with more moisture and warmth that can be leading for candida’s bacteria to develop.
  • Wearing clothing that too tight fit or synthetic material that can keep the area moist and warmth.
  • Having condition of short distance between anus and vagina.  Anus is place where there are many bacteria live there.  In a condition with short distance between two areas, the bacteria can be transferred.

In report of European Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Reproductive Biology in 2009, they found out that the local immune defect in women vaginal areas can be a reason for recurrent the presence of candida’s in women.

How to Diagnosis Yeast Infection

To diagnosis yeast Infection it is simple and easy.  First, you will be asked about your medical history whether you are ever experience yeast Infection or not.  You also will be asked if you ever infected with STI or sexual transferred Infection.  The next examination is pelvic exams.  This is examination for pelvic and vagina walls.

How To Get Rid Of Chronic Yeast Infection


Treatment for Chronic Yeast Infection

Each of yeast Infection need different treatment depends to the level of Infection.  The treatment given depends to the severity that experience by the person.

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Simple Infection

For simple Infection, your doctor will give you simple treatment in 1-3 days regimen with ointment, anti fungal cream, tablet or the suppository.  The medication also called with over the counter medicines therapy. Women that severe with simple yeast Infection should follow any instruction from their doctor to ensure the medication work well.

The follow up treatment usually will need when the symptoms are returns in two months.  If you are women that experience yeast often, then it is recommended for prepare otc medicines in your home.

Chronic Yeast Infection Treatment


Complicated Infection

If you have experience more severe then you perhaps need more complex treatment to cure your yeast infection. There are steps that you may suggest prescribed by your doctor to follow.

  • 14 days treatment on vaginal with antifungal cream, ointment, tablet or suppository treatment.
  • Have two or three dosage of fluconazole (Diflucan)
  • Have long term medication with fluconazole (Diflucan) that taken once a week for six months or taking long-term medication with antifungal cream.

The chronic yeast infection can be identified with the severe symptoms such as severe redness, vaginal itching, and swelling that next lead into the tears or sores in vaginal tissue.  The yeast infection get chronic when suffered within more than 4 times in a year.

The complicated yeast infection also can be caused by other trigger except candida’s such as pregnancy, have uncontrolled diabetes, weakened body immune systems and have positive result on HIV diseases.

To prevent the recurrent yeast infection, there are several things that can be done.

  • Wipe after you go to toilet from front to the back. This will prevent the bacteria goes to your vagina
  • Do not take any antibiotic medicines if it is unnecessary and without prescribed from your doctor.
  • Avoid douching and make sexual activity until the symptoms are gone.

One thing that you need to know that yeast love to environment that moist and warmth that make them love to stay in your vagina. This moist and wet condition can be occurred much when you are wearing these cloths material such as: synthetic underwear, tight jeans and pajamas bottom. Indeed of these things, you can turns underwear from cotton, wearing bare pajamas and turns the breathable materials that will let your vagina comfortable.

If you continue to experience the yeast infection after doing these following changes, then it is time for consultation meeting with your doctor.

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