Corrective Laser Eye Surgery, How They Do Vision Correction?

For many years, people have found it hard to correct their eyesight problems. Some people tried several eye glasses just to improve their vision while others considered having contact lenses for a more convenient fit.

Though these two strategies might have offered relief in the visual disturbances, it proved ineffective in some strategies because the relief gave only a short-term help. On top of that, the two “old” types of eye correction proved to become inconvenient for the reason that you have got to consistently remind yourselves to put on them or to take away them as inside the case of speak to lenses.

Corrective Laser Eye Surgery

Corrective Laser Eye Surgery

So to bring bigger and brighter solutions to your problems, a better form of treatment was crafted in order to give permanent cure to the damaged eyes. Corrective laser eye surgery came into being to save most of the people from their eye problems. Today, it proves to be the most efficient and safe way to treat your eyes.

Types of Corrective Laser Eye Surgery

The corrective laser eye surgery procedure has two known types today. The first is the newer form of laser vision correction surgery which is widely coined today as LASIK, and the second is Photo Refractive Keratotomy which is basically almost similar to the first type. Both follow the same pattern of eye freezing through medication drops.

The difference comes in the treatment of the corneal epithelial layer which may either involve scraping or creation of a flap like structure. These two ways are proven effective in the correction of your eyes’ focus. If they are done correctly on you, there is a big chance of getting a 20/20 vision back again. Through the simple step of corneal treatment, it is possible to correct your visual problems.

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Corrective Laser Eye Surgery Process

Below is diagram of Lasik corrective Eye Surgery Process. It gives you an idea about the major operations performed during the laser eye surgery.

Generally, there are seven steps to follow in a corrective laser eye surgery. They are as follows.

  • The first involves the instillation of eye drops which numb your eyes. The doctor also administers eye ink drops which are water soluble to aid in the placement of the flap.
  • Second, the surgeon checks the pressure of your eyes through a suction ring which is applied to hold your eye steadily.
  • Third, the doctor corrects your cornea through ablation or creation of a flap.
  • Fourth, the flap is reflected to the side or the scraped off area of the cornea is removed.
  • Fifth, the doctor steps through the fixation process which makes use of laser beams.
  • Sixth, the reshaping of the cornea takes place in about sixty seconds.
  • Lastly, the doctor observes your eyes and its reaction to the treatment given.

If the steps of corrective laser eye surgery are followed smoothly, there would be no problems related with the procedure. Your eyes would gain back its normal vision and you would be able to see clearly again. Through a corrective eye laser surgery procedure, it is now very possible to make your eyes function properly and normally again.

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