Cryotherapy Skin Benefits and All Facts You Must Know

Cryotherapy skin benefits has temped so many people for preferring the particular procedure for their skin rejuvenation solution. Even though it has become a common procedure on most dermatologists since the turn of this century, the popularity follows later.

This treatment basically offers alternative in fixing skin issues by killing certain tissue in certain procedure. The benefits are abundant but it has risks and possible side effects too, like other skin treatment procedures. However, this particular treatment is relatively different, in which it offers comfort and speed as well as minimum risks to patients. It explains why so many people are interested on it.

It was first known to be popular rejuvenation solution among celebs and famous people, and the simplicity attracts more people to experience it. The treatment was mentioned as helpful and effective in fixing many skin problems and health with minimum risks for patients, not to mention relatively affordable rate for it.

Because of those facts and cryothrapy skin benefits, this treatment becomes more and more popular. All people can get access to the treatment. However, only certified dermatologists can do the treatment considering the complexity of it and the possible risks upon failure. This is the reason why we can’t take the treatment simply anywhere.

This treatment is considered fitting for almost all ages that may need it. It can be applied to teenager and young adults to elderly. Of course, patient age can influence the procedure but age is not a big deal on this treatment. It makes another cryotherapy skin benefits people like.

Even older people can have this treatment for healthier and better looking skin. If you are interested in this treatment, it is only logical. Before you finally choose a place for the treatment, learn the entire details of it. It helps you to decide and to prepare yourself. Here is the complete explanation about it.

Procedures Involved

Before we learn about the whole procedures, it will be best to understand circumstances that require the treatment to fix it. Basically, this treatment is supposed to remove your unhealthy skin lesion. Therefore, you should have this issue to take the treatment.

If you have skin lesions that don’t seem to go away even after certain medical treatment, you are a perfect candidate for this treatment. Patients with uncancerous lesion like wart, angioma, and seborrheic keratosis are commonly suggested to take cryotherapy skin benefits as solutions. In alternative, cancerous lesion like squamous cell cancer and basal cell can be treated with this treatment as well.

About the procedure, you will be required to enter a certain room for around three minutes at most, which is also one of cryotherapy skin benefits. This is the allowed time to do the procedure. It is rare to conduct the treatment beyond time limitation even though it can be possible under certain circumstances.

Before the treatment, you will be informed about the entire procedure and the steps, the area to be treated, and who is going to apply the treatment. This is a necessary step before the treatment.

Cryotherapy treatment is begun when your dermatologist applies cold substance on your lesion. During the first practices, it is commonly liquid nitrogen. Now, you have other alternatives like carbon dioxide snows, and DMEP. For liquid nitrogen, it has to be in the right temperature which is -196°C. It will be applied using three possible tools including cotton tipped applicator, chryospray, or chryoprobe.

Chryoprobe is a metal tool with pointed part placed on your skin lesion. It most probably uses gel instead of liquid. For carbodioxide snow, your skin lesion will be directly treated using the combination of -78.5°C carbondioxide snow and acetone. Meanwhile, DMEP only works in -57°C temperature. It will be used using the applicator and it is best to treat wart. The cold will be rested on your lesion around five to 30 seconds.

After the short time, you can notice ice form of halo around the affected area. Commonly, your dermatologist will need to check the temperature by inserting needle in the area with thermometer. Soon, you will see your lesion slowly thaws out.

According to experiment and research on this field, this procedure is effective since skin cells will die as soon as they are frozen. The whole procedures only take several seconds, which is one of cryotherapy skin benefits you will really like.

In some cases, the freezing and thawing steps need to be repeated. It is commonly called double freeze thaw procedure. It is highly recommended to treat resistant wart and skin cancer. You need to be prepared because this treatment leaves stinging sensation and it can be painful too during and after the treatment. Topical steroid as well as aspirin should help patients with the discomforts and pain felt.

Cryotherapy Skin Benefits


After Treatment Care

This treatment is often called as cryosurgery as well. It commonly works well on most patients, but it doesn’t mean that patients are not required for certain care after the treatment. Before we head to needed care after treatment, you should know what you can expect from there.

It will not be mentioned in cryotherapy skin benefits, but patients will have wounds. Commonly, small wounds will heal in four to six weeks. However, bigger wounds will take around 14 weeks before it finally heals. During the period, you need to use only non fragrant soap softly at the area.

When your wounds start to lose crusts, you need to apply hydrogen peroxide very slowly and remove them. Then, you need to use new bandage on the area as you are suggested. Change your bandage every time it gets wet or dirty.

You may also want to get a prescription on antibiotic and steroid cream Antibiotic will prevent infection on the area and steroid cream helps in decreasing swelling, pain, and redness. You need to know the dose and restriction for it as well.

There are several useful tips when you face certain conditions after the treatment. Here are several useful tips to use during the situation:

  • Do not cover the treated area.

However, it is fine to cover the area when you have drainage or ulcer. When it happens, apply enough Vaseline or petroleum jelly on the area. To protect it from free radicals and dirt, you should then cover it with Band Aid.

  • In case of bleeding.

You need to press the bleeding area with gauze for around 15 minutes and you need to be firm. Sometimes, the bleeding continuous, and it is alright. You only need to repeat the action once again. However, when your bleeding still won’t stop, you may need to call your doctor.

  • No beauty products

To gain the most of cryotherapy skin benefits, you are not allowed to apply any perfume, fragrance soap, lotions, or any kind of cosmetic products on the affected area. Don’t be panic, patients are commonly allowed to use those products after ten days of the treatment.

  • Power of SPF

When the wounds are well healed, you are recommended to apply SPF 30 on broad spectrum sunscreen products to prevent scaring.

Beside those care, you also need to know the conditions that will appear right after the treatment. Common patients get redness on the treated area, and it commonly gets into blisters. When it happens, don’t pop the blisters. If you find drainage too, this is considered normal so you can relax.

Most patients also have hair loss issues. It is not common but it happens to very few patients. However, this issue should happen only on the affected area and this condition can be permanent. It depends on the freezing depth during the treatment.

Cryotherapy Skin Benefits

As mentioned before, cryotherapy skin benefits are abundant. There are literally many benefits that you can gain from the treatment. Here are the most known benefits:

  • Removing cancer cells

Cryosurgery is a recommended treatment to remove skin cancer cell. This treatment is affordable but effective, and it is less painful than the other treatments intended for cancer patients.

  • Preventing cancer cell growth

When it is caught early, possible cancer cells on your skin can be removed using this treatment. You may need to go through several treatments to remove them all but this treatment is relatively effective and less painful.

Other than those original ones, there are so many other cryotherapy skin benefits that will shock you. Here are the other possible benefits of the treatment:

  • Super clear skin

This treatment is reported to be a great treatment on acne skin. It reduces skin blemishes and keeps the skin clear and clean. It can be applied on the whole area of your body but it is going to take several times of application.

  • No toxins

This treatment washes away all toxins on your skin and keeps it far away from blemishes. It makes your skin naturally radiant. It will require you weekly regular treatment to get the upmost result of it.

  • Cells regeneration
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Understanding the procedure, you must know how it should be a great anti aging treatment now. This is one of the most famous cryotherapy skin benefits. This treatment speeds up the natural process of cell regeneration by killing and removing the dead ones quickly.

  • Collagen production improvement

This is the other anti aging benefit of the treatment. It results smooth and healthy skin, tight, and even tone of your skin.

  • Fewer wrinkles

This is not the immediate result. First, this treatment is going to boost collagen natural production for your skin. Second, collagen results in youth and tight skin, which means you have fewer wrinkles than ever.

  • Reduction of cellulite

This is not the immediate result but it definitely is one of the benefits. First, this treatment empower natural metabolism. It is then followed with reduction on fat deposit and improvement on skin elasticity. This is how you reduce your cellulite through the treatment.

  • Relief of dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis

This treatment works in normalizing as well as regulating the growth of your skin cells. Therefore, this treatment helps in preventing and even removing those issues and illnesses.

  • Anti inflammatory

This is the most popular one among the other cryotherapy skin benefits. This treatment works to reduce both internal as well as external inflammatory issues including the diseases like dermatritis, eczema, psoriasis, and psoriatic arthritis.

  • More controlled auto immune process

This treatment will literally halt excessive cell growth on your skin that causes auto immune process. This can work on diseases from the issues without side effects so far.

  • Stronger nail and hair

This happens due to your natural change. After regular treatment, you will gain health level and wellness, and it affects your hairs and nails. Patients likely have stronger and thicker hair as well healthy and strong nails.

Those benefits are what you gain when you take the treatment as rejuvenation skin treatment. Many dermatologists will love to explain more about it and give you the right procedures.

Cryotherapy Side Effects

Like other medical and non medical procedures, this treatment has its own side effects and risks too. This is the other thing you should be aware about, beside the cryotherapy skin benefits, when you are interested in it. Basically, there are two major categories on this.

First, you need to know the immediate side effects or risks of cryotherapy. They include:

  • Pain

One of the most known cryotherapy skin benefits is it is less painful than other procedure. Therefore, you don’t require anesthesia for it. However, when the freezing needs to be deeper than usual, it may leaves painful feeling on patient. This can be prevented with painkiller before and after the treatment. It shouldn’t be permanent, but advanced depth requires you to be prepared with more painful feeling.

  • Redness and swelling

This is considered as normal and tolerable side effects of cryotherapy. You will normally have these problems immediately after the treatment. This can ooze a little too and it gets a little watery. You don’t have to worry this condition as it settles after three or four days at most.

  • Blisters

It normally happens after a cryosurgery, especially right after the scab form. Some people get the blisters easier than the others so it can be different among patients. Sometimes, the blisters will get blood in it too, and it is still considered normal. It needs to be punctured with sterile needle when it gets uncomfortable.

  • Infection

This is pretty uncommon but possible to happen. When it happens, you will likely feel more pain and you will see pus formation too. This can be solved using antibiotic agent or topical antiseptic.

Second, there are also several other subsequent risks or side effects you need to be aware about. They include:

  • Condition recur

Even though it rarely happens, this treatment can be useless on certain patients. In alternative, patients may experience recur condition in which there is no progress at all after the treatment.

  • Pigmentation change

This is also a common side effect that happens to patient. Commonly, it is seen like change of skin color on and around the affected area. Your skin can be lighter or darker. This is not something that we can predict. However, it mostly happens to patient with darker complexion. Even though scary enough, this side effect will improve over time. On several patients, this can be permanent.

  • Numbness

This happens because some nerves in the affected area is frozen during the treatment. This is considered normal and tolerable. Commonly, the normal feeling will come back within weeks or months, but it is never a permanent issue in normal situation. You shouldn’t be worry when you have this sensation in the area.

  • Scaring

This is rare but possible to happen too. It is likely to happen for those who take the treatment to treat basal cell carcinoma. However, it can be happen to others for other objectives too. You can prevent it by using broad spectrum sunscreen soon after your wounds heal.

Those side effects or risks are the other thing you need to be ready about and to accept beside the cryotherapy skin benefits. However, you need to see a doctor, if you experience the following situations:

  • You have a fever for more than three days in a row in 38°C or 100.4°F or above immediately after the treatment. This can be an indication that your body is fighting against something, which is probably serious infection
  • You experience chilling sensation over time. This should be normal during the next few hours after the treatment, but it should last only for a few hours. If it stays, you should get checked for another related issue.
  • You experience serious problems but are not included on the side effects or risks listed above. This may need further checking and control to prevent other serious health issues.
  • If you experience one of the following conditions on your wounds or area around it:
  • Odor that is specifically foul
  • Unstopped bleeding even after pressuring it for fifteen minutes for two times
  • Discomfort or pain on the affected area that increases over time
  • Skin on the affected area is hard when you touch it or it feels hot all the time
  • Ooze feeling increases and drainage of blue and yellow appears from the affected area

If one or combination of those conditions above happens, don’t wait to see your doctor or dermatologists. It may need further medical attention and procedure. You should also see them when you have any questions or concern and when problems that you don’t expect happen anyway. Sometimes, even though pretty rare, you have to deal risks and side effects other than thecryotherapy skin benefits.

Care Agreement

When you face certain medical condition, and you are recommended and suggested to do this treatment, you need to be ready for your care agreement. There are several points that you should be prepared about rather than focusing only on cryotherapy skin benefits. Here are several tips to better prepare your care agreement:

  • Know your medical condition

Not all medical conditions should be fixed using this treatment. There are other alternatives and you don’t have the obligation to take the offer for cryotherapy. If there is still chance to get better with simpler treatment, you should consider taking it especially considering the side effects that can happen.

  • Know the possible treatments and procedures that fix it

Commonly, a medical condition can be treated through several alternatives of treatment and procedures. Learn the details of how this treatment can improve your condition and see if there is a chance or risk of failure.

  • Know the risks and side effects

All procedures and treatments have their own risks and possible side effects and success rate. It is wise to know and get prepared for it because it mentally prepares you for chances and failure.

  • Check if this treatment is the best alternative

Is there other alternative that will deliver the same things as in cryotherapy skin benefits? If there is, you should consider taking it too.

  • Get the treatment only from reputable and certified medical authority

Don’t ever try to take this treatment from just any clinic you can found. It contains medical risks and side effects and you need it to be well controlled.

Final Verdict

In sum, cryotherapy for your skin is a great alternative. First, this treatment is popular for the simple procedures you need to go through. In fact, there is only very few preparation to do it. This is also less painful than any other treatments while delivering shocking result.

Second, this treatment is not so expensive too, and relatively affordable for most patients. Third, the side effects and risks are not some things that can’t be solved immediately using medical care. They are even not as horrible as side effects of other treatment. Fourth, who can deny those magnificent cryotherapy skin benefits?

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