Early Brain Tumor Symptoms to Be Aware Of

Brain tumors present themselves when there is uncontrolled and abnormal cell division present. While they are found in the spinal canal or cranium, they may have spread there from cancers in other organs. Brain tumors are very life-threatening however, they are not always fatal and today there are many innovative practices who specialize in very specific types of brain tumor surgery. It generally depends on the location and the size and state of the tumor. One major problem with a brain tumor is the fact that it is often discovered at an advanced state. It is usually only found once odd symptoms start to manifest.

Early Brain Tumor Symptoms

Early Brain Tumor Symptoms

Here are some of those early brain tumor symptoms to be aware of:

Random headaches and migraines are usually the first symptoms to present themselves. They are caused by a rise in intracranial pressure. The brain tumor limits the available space within the skull causing this added pressure.

These headaches can cause nausea, as well as changes in consciousness. It can also cause the pupil on the side of the tumor to dilate. Severe headaches in people over 50 years old and frequent migraines in those 40 and older can be definite warning signs. Stiffness in the neck and temple pain can also be early signs of a brain tumor. While these can be considered common ailments, an increase in prolonged pain can be a signal.

Changes in mood and behavior are also associated with brain tumors. Tumors can grow in different parts of the brain that affect these changes. Unexplained memory loss and loss of concentration are aspects to look for. Also, general confusion can be a sign. A person with these symptoms may also develop a loss of certain senses such as hearing, sight, and feeling. In some cases, paralysis of one side of the body may also occur.

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Some of the other symptoms of a brain tumor may be wrongly diagnosed as a different medical problem. Seizures may take place in association with a tumor but be classified as a different ailment. A tumor may also cause a stroke that is wrongly diagnosed as a separate issue. Dizziness and double vision may be rather common with a multitude of other problems, but can also be considered a brain tumor symptom. Along with these symptoms, loss of balance and speech difficulty may present themselves. Many of these symptoms are hard to diagnose as a brain tumor especially in older patients.

Many of the symptoms associated with a brain tumor are common symptoms of other diseases and medical conditions. That is why it can be difficult to pinpoint a tumor unless an MRI or CT scan are conducted. The chances of survival increase with early detection. However, in the first stages of some tumors, visible evidence doesn’t show itself until the tumor has progressed more.

The best thing to do if you’re noticing these symptoms would be to get in touch with a professional in the field. Remember that the best course of action is prevention by early detection.

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