A Four Day Headache Which Kills You

Have you ever had an agonizing headache that you just can’t stand? At some point, we all must have been through it. In that sort of situation, we wonder if we have eaten something wrong or lacked of sleep. Someone complains about feeling nausea, dizzy and there is a popping sensation in her head. All these have been going on for four days. Somebody else mentions he has the same problem and hates going to see his doctor. He simply wishes the headache would disappear. Anyway, what are the real possible causes of it? Can you cure yourself or will you need a doctor?

Four Day Headache


A separation, financial problems, a death of your beloved one or anxiety can surely lead to a depression. When we are psychologically suffering, our bodies suffer too and they give us a sign that they can’t take it any longer. A headache which lasts for more than a day is called migraine and in this case the four day headache may happen as a result of a depression. If this is what you think you are going through, treat the depression. Perhaps you should learn to forgive other people and look at the bright side of each problem. Major problems are of course depressing but there is always sunshine after the rain. Yes, in this case you should be able to cure yourself as you tackle the depression.

The Sunlight

We hate the rain as it interferes with our activities, but when the sun is too bright it can also cause a headache for a few days. Not everybody has this problem, but you may have it. When you have been exposed to the sun for hours, perhaps you experience a headache in both sides of the head. Basically it is not life- threatening as long as a heat stroke doesn’t occur. You simply need to lie down and drink a glass of cool water. Avoid cold water, since your body would be shocked by the coldness.

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Believe it or not, noise can lead some people to a serious headache. Some people can’t stand it so they simply have to stay at home at weekends. Noise is everywhere, in malls, streets, big offices etc. If you think you are suffering from this and it seems to interfere with your life, you will need help. Hopefully your doctor can prescribe you the best medicine so you will be able to enjoy going out without suffering from the noise anymore.


A hard day at work can also give you a real headache. If you have been dealing with clients all day long or covering up a sick colleague which doubles your own job, give yourself a break now. Your body is actually screaming,”Enough, enough! I can’t stand it anymore!” Listen to it because if you ignore it you will get a headache for a few days. Is it possible to take a rest for a few minutes to avoid the misery? Make sure you have some rest. Don’t be too focused on your job like crazy because it will only ruin your whole life later on.


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