Health Benefits and Nutrition Facts of Lemon

Lemon is the most colorful and widely used citrus fruits across the world.  Lemon fruit was originated from India and spread across all over the world.  Lime fruit is smaller size and less sour taste than lemons.  Lemon fruit will be available in all around the year and the season is April to August.

Lemon Health Benefits

Lemon Health Benefits

Benefits of Lemon

The health benefits of lemon used as a treatment of throat infections, Digestion problems, Teeth problems, fever, knee pains, obesity, vomits and high blood pressure. It is a natural blood purifier. Lemon is frequently used for cure the dental problems, fever, hair problems, skin problems etc.

This fruit contains less calories (28 calories per 100 g) which is lesser than any other citrus fruits. This fruit also contains good amount of B-Complex vitamins.  It gives fresh feeling. Lemon water is most popular which will be prepared sugar or salt taste.

Also Lemon carries lots of minerals, irons, potassium and calcium. In hotels, Lemon slices are used to beatify the dishes. Lemon juice can be freeze and served later time. Ice lemon is very popular and having own health benefits.

Lemon is recommended for daily usage. Lemon pickle is popular in southern part of India. Lemon juice is applied for oily faces to shine more. It helps to remove the pimples in the face.  It also mixed with glycerin and helps to remove the wrinkles and age spots in face.

Lemon is a natural pesticide to kills the bacteria’s. Lemon juice is a blood purifier and it helps to remove the toxins.  It has 20 anti-cancer compounds. It helps to get a clear voice and avoid the throat infections.

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Overall lemon gives refresh to your body and health. Lemon helps to smooth digestion.  It helps to digest the harder foods like chicken, mutton etc.

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Health Benefits for Drinking Lemon Water

Lemon water helps to removes the toxins from your body. Lemon water gives more digestion. It gives you to feel fresh and good breath. It balances to manage the pH levels of your body. It helps to rectify the knee pains in your body. Lemon oil helps to maintain your eye health. Lemon oil has all the benefits of lemon without acidity. Morning time is the best time to drinking of lemon water. Lemon fruit can be freeze for more than a month.

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