Heartburn Relief Foods In Your Kitchen

Spicy food like spicy taco dish is a delicious choice of food that gets you keep eating and eating until one moment when your stomach and chest feel completely awful. Yes, that’s when you have the heartburn or GERD that happens when the stomach acid moves up reaching the esophagus and causes the heartburn sensation.

The symptoms of this condition are easy to recognize like the feeling of burning pain in the chest yet it gets worse when you choose to bend over or lie down. In most cases, the common culprits are fried or spicy foods, alcohol and caffeine.

Aside taking medicines to cure the heartburn, consuming the heartburn relief foods makes excellent decision. These foods help to neutralize the acid so you can feel better quicker.


Ginger is not only a delicious spice but also an excellent cure for various digestive ailments including heartburn. This root is common in Asia and used in many varieties of dishes. You can make delicious tea from ginger. What you need to do is to simply grate an inch of it and steep it in the boiling water.

Let the ginger stays in the water for a few minutes before you drink it. Add honey or sugar if you prefer to. The ginger tea will soon help curing the acid reflux and it is fine to consume after you had a medicine.


Banana, a fruit that actually makes a great helper to cure the heartburn contains low acid. When you feel the symptoms of heartburn start taking place, make yourself nice mushy banana to relieve the discomfort. Once consumed, the banana will stick to esophageal lining that has been irritated by the acid reflux. Then, it forms particular film that protects, soothes and coats.

Almond Milk

Who doesn’t like almond, a tasty crunchy type of peanut that has been very common to be used in a variety of dish and drink. If you often have digestive issue or heartburn, start your day with a glass of almond milk smoothie to help preventing the issue.

This vegan milk makes great balancer for reflux as it is alkaline. Therefore, it can neutralize the acidic foods. Mix the smoothie with banana or strawberry for a more delicious option.


Not only oatmeal is tasty and healthy but also is a comforting food to buffer and coat the stomach lining which makes it a great food for relieving heartburn. However, don’t eat the oatmeal with heavy cream if you wish to consume it for heartburn relieve because the high fats like heavy cream can actually prompt the reflux. Eating oatmeal every day is also good choice for diet as it is filling and containing healthy fiber.

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Leafy Greens

Eating salad when the symptoms of heartburn start to take place may not be an appealing decision. However, a bowl of healthy leafy greens can actually do wonder to the stomach. It can work to help relieving the pain and discomfort caused by acid reflux.

But make sure to not mix the salad with cheese or cream based dressing as it can cause reflux. Instead, eat the salad clean with only a few drips of olive oil or lemon juice. Consume this healthy choice of food in the morning to help preventing the heartburn attack.


Fennel has been a popular healing herb which is usually steep into the tea to help curing the heartburn strike. What to do is quite simple. Prepare boiling water and add two tsp of fennel seeds into the water.

You can add honey instead of sugar if you prefer the fennel tea to be sweet. Once it is all mixed, let it cool before you drink it. It can be consumed in daily basis to soothe the stomach. It can be drank warm or cold depending on your preference.


Although it has not been proven yet about the effectiveness of licorice as heartburn remedy but the use of black licorice to coat esophageal lining has been common even among the experts. However, it must be the pure licorice instead of junk licorice that has been mixed with corn syrup. What the pure licorice does is form a protective layer over esophagus lining. And, it also makes you salivate which helps you to get rid of the stomach acid.

Kefir and Aloe

Together, the kefir and aloe make soothing heartburn relief foods. Simply mix a few tbsp of kefir into a tsp of pure aloe juice. What this mixture does is relieve the heartburn symptoms by reducing the inflammation and healing the GI tract thanks to the aloe plant. At the same time, the alkalizing kefir works to counteract the acid.


Not only is yoghurt delicious but also a great help to relieve the heartburn symptoms. This food is rich in calcium that can help soothing the heartburn and improving digestion at the same time. Drink the raw yoghurt every day and make sure to not mix it with heavy cream.

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