5 Natural Ways of Heat Damaged Hair Treatment

For many people particularly women, having beautiful and healthy hair must be something wanted so much. Sure, your hair condition influences your appearance in general.

When your hair is good, you will look more beautiful as well. However, it seems so difficult to prevent some problems including the heat damaged hair. This is a condition when your hair is dry, damage, and even broken for a little touch.

Heat Damaged Hair Treatment

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Commonly, it is caused sun radiation and wrong treatments like unnecessary shampoo and styling. So, what is the best heat damaged hair treatment after all? Before going to the hair care, it is not bad to try some natural remedies below.

The Mixture of Honey and Lemon Water

The first heat damage hair treatment you can try is by mixing two ingredients; they are honey and lemon water. You can start it by pouring around 5 teaspoons of each ingredient and then mix it using small spatula. Apply it on your hair thoroughly.

If your hair is considered long or thick, you can add the amount of honey and lemon water. Let it on your hair for around 40 minutes. It is better if your hair is covered by a towel or shower cup. When this natural mask is already dry, you can rinse it with warm water until it is cleared.

Continue it with washing the hair using shampoo if you want. For the best results, you may need to do this treatment around 2 or 3 times a week.

Avocado Mask

Despite its delicious taste, avocado is also known for having enough nutrition for health and beauty. Well, another good hair mask for heat damaged hair treatment is made from avocado anyway.

Choose a ripe avocado to ease you in taking the flesh. Pulverize it and pour around a spoon of water to let to smooth faster. Similar to the previous ingredients, smear the avocado mask thoroughly on your hair.

Heat Damaged Hair Symptoms

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Then let it dry and absorbed for around 20 minutes. Next, rinse or wash the hair gently with warm water. You can continue it with shampoo if needed.

Lemon or Lime Water

Lemon water is not only good for the heat damaged hair when it is mixed with honey. If you find it difficult to find the natural honey, you can use the lemon or lime water only. Sure, the amount should be more in which you probably need around two or three fruits with medium size.

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Grab the juice and put the water in a bowl or glass. Smear the water thoroughly on your hair. You can use a comb in doing this treatment. Cover your hair using a towel or shower cup for around 30 minutes. Open the cover after it is already dry. Clean the hair using warm water. Do this treatment for 2 or 3 times in a week.

Olive Oil

Olive oil basically is able to moisture anything starting from your skin, lips, and hair. Sure, it means that this oil is advantageous for the heat damaged hair symptoms also. Again, it is so easy to apply.

Just buy natural olive oil in the beauty shop. Make sure you don’t choose them that have too many additional ingredients since it will lessen the benefits. Next, it is just similar to other treatments mentioned in the previous points.

Heat Damaged Hair Black Hair

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Apply it on your hair thoroughly, cover it, and wash it after dry. Doing this treatment regularly is better. You can even see the results only a week after the first treatment.

Aloe Vera Gel

The most popular benefit of Aloe Vera gel is indeed to nourish hair and prevent hair loss. However, it has some more benefits including for treating your heat damaged hair. Take out the gel from the peel.

For the best result, you can use around two or three slices of Aloe Vera mainly if your hair is long. Then, pulverize the gel until it is smooth. You can add other ingredients if available like honey or lemon water.

Just like other treatments mentioned before, you only need to smear it thoroughly just like the hair mask. Cover it tightly and wait for around 30 minutes until the mask is dry. Wash or rinse it cleanly and use the shampoo if it is possible. When the hair is getting better, it is not bad to apply this treatment. Aloe Vera gel tends to make your hair shiny and smooth as well.

Despite applying one or some of the remedies above, make sure to change your lifestyle in relation to the hair. Don’t style the hair too often particularly using the heating iron.

But if you must style it or be under the sunshine often for the job, the treatments must be extra also. Aside from the shampoo, it is necessary to apply hair conditioner and serum. Make sure to consume nutritious foods for additional heat damaged hair treatment.

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