Secrets About Home Remedies for Constipation in Kids

Learn home remedies for constipation in kids that work without any over the counter medicines that can make your children depended to it. Constipation in kids and babies are common.

When your children get constipation, it can result inconvenient.  Treating constipation in kids is different from adults. There are several treatments that can be done for kids that experienced constipation in certain preferred ages.

Causes of Constipation in Kids

Constipation is able to causes by several things. Constipation can be caused eating certain foods, lifestyle choice, disease or medication that has side effects of digestion issues.

Constipation is condition that characterized by condition of less than 3 bowels movements in a week. The constipation is also includes unpleasant symptom such as feeling of discomfort when go to bathroom, bloating in abdominal, and pain in stools that getting hard, dry and difficult to release. In children, constipation can be causes by several things below:

  • Genetics. Some kids inherit constipation from their parents.
  • Diet plan. There are some foods that consumption and can causes constipation.
  • Intolerance to product from dairy or wheat or both ingredients.
  • Holding it. Some kids are hold the time when they need to “poop” as they are do not like how to poop feel out from the bowel movement.
  • Poor intake water. Low amount of water intake in daily can make poop difficult to move through the intestines and causes constipation.

Home Remedies for Constipation in Kids

Here, since your children sometimes get too sensitivity to any treatment and medicines, then it is best to choose treatment that will not endanger them from health. This natural remedy is available for kid’s starts from 6 months older.

  • 6 months older. To relieve constipation, you can choose fruit juices such as apple, prune, and pear juice. If the fruit juice does not work well, you can add high fiber baby foods twice a day. You can choose high fiber baby foods such as cooked dried peas or beans, apricots, legumes, plum, and spinaches.
  • For 12 months and older. Plan diet with high fiber foods. Give your children with enough fiber 20-30 grams each day that will help your body to form, and soft tools.

You also can do several things such as acts below for help your kids relieve their constipation

  • Massage your kids belly gently. Massage can reduce the discomfort feeling. Most of kids that experience the constipation feeling discomfort in their belly.
  • Take warm bath. Warm bath can help to relax muscles and keep the stools inside the rectum and help passing the stools.
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Remember, anything you do for relieve your constipation, do not every gives any laxatives or enemas without consultation to your pediatric or doctor first. You need to aware if the constipation persists after 1 week home treatment in age older from 6 months, there are pain developed in rectal, bleeding stools, and your children feel that the symptoms getting severe pain.

Tips for Preventing Constipation In Kids

There are several tips that can help you to prevent constipation in kids. These can help your children to have regular bowel movements.

  • Timing. Well, there are many kids that hold the time for “it” because they are “not want to go” or they do not want to go inside when they are playing in outside. The solution for this is makes your kids to sit in toilet in same time every day or every certain day. The best time is after they eat.
  • Eat right food. If your kid often experience constipation, then this is the most important thing you need to plan. Here are several lists of recommended foods that can help you prevent constipation that you need to serve to your kids every day.  First, always provide fruit and vegetables. The recommended are pears, avocados, juice (apple juice, prune, white grape), peas and broccoli, lentils, beans (you can add this into soup or rice), oatmeal, whole wheat pasta, barley, whole grain cereals, high fiber bread, flax seed meal,. High fiber foods will help constipation much.
  • Drink more water. Become dehydrated in regular times can lead you to be constipated. To prevent the condition of constipation, then you need to drink water at least 8 glass a day. However, you need to forbid your children to drink carbonated drinks such as sugary soda as this drink just makes your constipation worsening.
  • Get exercises more. Truly, the relationship between taking exercises with bowel movement in still unclearly. But from research it is found that people that get regular exercises are show significant result of reduced symptom of constipation.
  • Food to avoid for kids that have chronic constipation. If your kids have chronic constipation, then there are several foods that need to avoid in his meal plan. You need to limit your children to eat these food lists, especially when they get chronic constipation: bananas, ice cream, cheese, rice cakes, white rice, products made from white bread/pretzel/crackers, marshmallow

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