Home Remedies for Impetigo in Adults and Children on Detail

Impetigo Symptoms

What are impetigo symptoms? Well, as its types suggest, there are also different symptoms for each type. First of all, you can find the symptoms of non bullous impetigo. When getting infected of this disease, you will get red sores around the mouth and nose. It also can burst rapidly either by fluid and pus. Besides that, it also leaves thick and curst with yellowish brownish golden look. Its curst will also get dried and give you the red mark. It can be healed without any scarring.

Although you get common sore without pain, you will also face itchy as the great deal. You have to know that touching or scratching the sore is forbidden. It will avoid you to spread the infection on other parts of your body skin. Besides that, you may also get swollen glands and fever as the next symptoms.

The second case is for bullous impetigo. This disease affects the most for baby and children under age of two. There will be also some symptoms you will face. First of all, you will find fluid filled blisters appear on the legs, trunk, and arms. The skin with blisters will get itchy and redness without sore. They will also spread fast and get burst. Besides that, it can also leave the yellow crust. You can heal the curst without scarring.

As non bullous impetigo, you will also get blister without pain. But, it is very itchy. You are also forbidden to scratch and touch it. You can also face the swollen glands and fever. Well, both of those impetigo types have several similarities for the symptoms.

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