Home Remedies for Impetigo in Adults and Children on Detail

What Causes Impetigo?

Well, here is the discussion for you about impetigo causes. As previous paragraph reports, this disease is caused by two type of bacteria. They are staphylococcus aureus and streptococcus pyogenes. Both of those bacteria are harmful enough for human skin. They infect the skin when there is cut and wound. Impetigo for adults will also leave the injury on their skin. For example, you can find dermatitis or inflammation of the skin on common cases.

Meanwhile for children, they usually get infection after a scrape, cut, and insect bite. But, they will also get infected without damaged skin appearance. You also have to know that people who touch the skin of this patient will also get infected. So, this skin case can be spread by physical contact. Besides that, it can be also spread through clothes, towel, toys, and bed linen. It can be easily passed other people.

How it can be spread? Well, staphylococcus aureus will produce the toxin. Its bacteria toxin causes impetigo can be spread to other people’s skin. The toxin will also attack the skin protein that helps your skin keeps bound together. When the protein is damaged, bacteria will spread on your body skin.

How the impetigo infection can start? There are two ways how you get infected. First of all, you can find primary impetigo. In this case, the bacteria will invade your skin after insect bite, cur, or other lesion. Besides that, you can also know about secondary impetigo. For this case, the bacteria will invade the skin because of infection through another skin. Besides that, it can also infect the skin after skin barrier like scabies or eczema.

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For your information, the symptoms will not also appear until four till ten days passed. On those days, people will not find any symptoms. Even, they don’t know that they get infected of those bacteria. Then, why does this disease attack children the most? Well, it is due for children’s immune system. That’s why they can get infected easily.

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