Home Remedies for Impetigo in Adults and Children on Detail

Types of Impetigo Treatments

For your information, these disease treatments are also available on various types. Meanwhile the treatment itself will depend on which type of impetigo you get. There will be also the symptoms severity you will face. So, let’s check reading below. Here are some types of impetigo treatment that can be your best solutions.

Mild Infections and Topical Antibiotics

This is the simplest treatment for impetigo patients. The doctor will opt just for applying hygienic measures. This treatment will help you keep the skin clean. It will only pass several minutes. That’s why it enters the simple category of treatment.

The second treatment for you is topical antibiotics. You can directly apply the antibiotics on the skin. There will be prescribes by the doctors for mupirocin ointment or Bactroban. You have to also remove the scabs gently before applying ointment. So, the antibiotic will get deep into your skin.

Besides that, it is also important for you to wash the affected skin areas before applying topical antibiotic. If you have latex gloves, it will be better for you to use it when applying this medicine on the skin. After that, you can wash your hands gently. This treatment should be passed within a week. Well, we can say that this is the second simple treatment of impetigo.

Oral Antibiotics

Besides mild infections and topical antibiotics, you can also find oral antibiotics treatment. This treatment will be the best solution when impetigo getting more widespread. This treatment will require you to swallow the doctor’s prescription when the topical antibiotics cannot work well for your impetigo healing. Besides that, the antibiotic type will depend on your impetigo severity and infection. This treatment system is influenced by some factors like allergic case of the patients.

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This antibiotic treatment will also need a week to be passed. You have to also complete the course even after the symptoms clear up completely. For your information, antibiotics usage will be followed by some side effects. What are those effects?

Well, you will face some side effects within few days. There are stomachache, diarrhea, nausea, and thrush especially for female. Then, the children can go back to their school after passing 48 hours of antibiotic healing when sore have been healed and crusted.

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