Home Remedies for Impetigo in Adults and Children on Detail

Impetigo Complications

Do you want to know about impetigo complication? Well, there are next effects you can face after getting infected with this skin disease. There are also some serious complications that can occur to the patients. If you find the worst symptom of your kids, you have to check them to the doctor soon. So, here are some complications of this skin disease.

First of all, you will get cellulite. When the bacteria infect into the deeper skin layer, it can cause cellulite for your kids. Besides that, you may also get skin redness and inflammation, fever, and pain. The patients with this condition will need antibiotics and painkillers.

Second, the patients will get guttate psoriaris. This is the condition when your skin gets redness, inflammation, and scaly patches on all areas of body. It is actually non infection skin condition that can happen to children and teenagers after getting bacterial infection. For example, they can get infection on their throat.

Third, you may face scarlet fever. This one also can be called as scarlatina. It enters the category of rare bacteria that infect the patients. This infection is characterized by body pink rash. Besides that, they will also get nausea, pain, and vomiting. If you find this condition, you can take antibiotics. Although this one is not serious complications but it is contagious enough for the patients.

Fourth, you can find septicemia. What is it? It is the bacterial infection in the blood. Usually, the patients will get fever, vomiting, rapid breathing, dizziness, and confusion. We can say that it is the life threatening infection. It requires you to take hospitalization immediately.

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The last one is post streptococcal glomerulonephritis. It is kind of infection in the small blood vessels of your kidneys. Well, this one will be very fatal for adults. This impetigo complication is very rare. There will be symptoms you can get. For example, you can get urine with dark color and hypertension. The patients should get hospitalization immediately in order to control their blood pressure. Well, those are all some complications of impetigo that may attack people for further symptoms.

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