The Top 6 Home Remedies for Tooth Infection

Tooth infections can be caused by tooth decay and complications. This is a very dangerous mouth disease when you do not provide effective treatment for this infection. Research has shown that deaths caused by oral infection have increased significantly.

The best way you can do is rub and clean your teeth every day to avoid dental infections. You should know the cause of dental infection before this article talks about home remedies for tooth infection.

Dental infection is a general term used to describe that the tooth is swelling with pus. Usually, this is caused by cavities and complications of infection in your mouth.

If the tooth is damaged, then the marrow, gums, and teeth will deviate and surround the section using water and pulp. This condition will cause swelling in your teeth. These are some materials to heal your teeth.

Home Remedies for Tooth Infection


Chrysanthemum Juice

You must be familiar with chrysanthemum flowers. This is a type of flower that can be used as an herb to cure diseases with a unique flavor.

Dried chrysanthemum flowers have been used as the tea for years. This flower contains an active ingredient called bisabolol. It has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-irritant properties.

You must clean the 5 petals and put them in a clean container. You should squeeze the flower water and drink for 1 month. You can drink the juice of the flowers 3 times a day.


This is the spice used to cook food. All delicious dishes require garlic. University of Maryland Medical Center proves that people who consume 4 cloves of garlic in one day are equivalent to the consumption of 1 gram of cloves.

Garlic in any form can provide health benefits for your body. Garlic can be an antibiotic and antiseptic to fight pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

Do not forget to clean the garlic and add fresh cloves. You have to chew garlic for 30 seconds and remove the garlic. You can rinse your mouth by using clove oil that has been mixed with warm water.

Garlic does have many health benefits but if you eat garlic in an inappropriate way, then you can experience poisoning. Maybe you can experience side effects from consumption that white.

Garlic can be toxic when immersed in oil for too long. Garlic can also cause allergies because your body cannot digest garlic. Allicin is a substance present in garlic and this substance can damage or make your digestive tract irritation.

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Usually, ginger is also used as a spice for cooking. Ginger can reduce fishy odor in seafood and relieve harmful ingredients in your diet. Ginger can be used as a medicine.

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Ginger has anti-bacterial properties so that this material can heal small wounds and infections such as swelling in your teeth. You should use fresh ginger and clean the ginger with water.

You can cut the ginger into small slices and insert the small pieces in your teeth. You can bite the ginger to remove the ginger juice and gargle using the ginger juice.

Do not forget to chew ginger until it becomes smooth for 5 minutes. You can apply this way before going to bed for 10 days. This is the best home remedies for tooth infection.


This fruit contains much nutritional value and health benefits for humans. Papaya contains vitamin A and C so this fruit can make your immune system can work well.

Papaya also has anti-inflammatory effects due to chymopapain and papain compounds. This is an enzyme that can digest protein well to heal wounds and inflammation in your body.

You can also use papaya leaves to inhibit bacterial growth and reduce tooth infection. You should use a small green papaya and cut the papaya so you can get the resin.

Do not forget to provide cotton that has been wrapped with a toothpick. You should soak the cotton with resin and put the cotton into your teeth. Let stand for 15 minutes and do not swallow it. Do not forget to rinse your mouth with clean water.

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Maybe using honey to cure dental infections will look weird because sugar can cause dental plaque. You should know that researchers have found the fact that honey can reduce the amount of acid and prevent the growth of bacteria in your teeth.

Pure honey can fight tooth decay. If you eat honey, eat your breath will be fresh and you have prevented cavities and gum disease. You can mix 2 tablespoons of cinnamon powder and honey into a glass of warm water. You should use this mixture to rinse.

Ice Cube

The last way is probably a very simple way because you only need ice cubes. If you put ice in your mouth, it can reduce a toothache and swelling. You can wrap the ice with a towel and compress your mouth for 10 minutes.

That’s home remedies for tooth infection that might help you to alleviate the pain in your teeth. If that does not work, then you should go to the dentist to avoid more serious problems with your teeth.

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