How to Bleach Your Skin at Home

What Is Skin Bleaching?

Skin whitening or bleaching is a medical procedure for lightening skin tone or making skin complexion more even. Most skin bleaching agents work by controlling or inhibiting the activity of melanocytes, skin cells that produce melanin. Melanin is a pigment that gives the skin its natural brownish color.

Sometimes, the overproduction of melanin is not wanted because it either causes the skin’s color to be darker or causes age spots to appear on the skin. By applying a skin bleaching agent to the skin, the production of melanin can be reduced and the treated skin will be lighter.

Some products that are rich in antioxidant may also be called skin bleaching agents because they also help make the skin look clearer and healthier. Those products work by preventing skin damage caused by oxidation and eradicating free radicals. Although these products don’t change the color of the skin, their skin brightening and cleansing effect gives an illusion of lighter skin that many people love.

How To Bleach Your Skin At Home


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