How to Get Rid of Dry Skin on Feet Over Night?

Learn about the Curing Method Using Traditional and Modern Ways

Having sore feet might lead someone to immobility. So might have dry skin on feet or cracked skin on feet. Dry skin on feet has been medically documented to cause so much long term or short term troubles.

The troubles will of course lead to an uncomfortable situation such as sleep deprived, sore feet, infection, or even bleeding. There are so many causes that lead to dry skin on feet; one of many causes is that the lack of intention given to feet.

Even though this part of body is important, but the way it is ignored is also a possibility, being in a bottom it is. If this happens, there are many ways to cure, even to prevent bacteria that causes dry skin to come.

But one fact about it is that it is not that simple and easy to find on how to get rid of dry skin on feet over night. It needs constant treatment and patience. So, are you currently feeling dry skin on feet? These are explanations for why and how to get rid of dry skin on feet over night with both traditional and modern ways.

Why Is It Important to Take Care of Your Feet?

As this article has been put and vividly begun before, the importance to keep your feet clean, healthy, and strong is because feet are your machine to walk, feet are used every day, feet state your daily mobility, feet are also one of many sources bacteria can grow and live in you; thus this will cause cracked skin on feet.

The over exposed using of shoes, stress, and too much walk will force your feet to get dry and unhealthy. You might not realize it in the first place but once you realize that that feet need to be treated well, too, besides the showing face, hair, or arms. When you come home and have yourself relaxed on the tub, you may feel it is enough for your feet to get moist. But it is not.

How to Get Rid of Dry Skin on Feet


What Is the Cause of Dry Skin on Feet?

The cause of dry skin on feet could be many, yet they tend to get ignored. As you have seen and experienced before, you may never intend to see the symptoms or the uncomfortable feeling down there before they start to show.

However, when you want to know on how to get rid of dry skin on feet over night, then that is the point when you probably feel not confident anymore and feel hurt. This dry skin on feet does lead to cracked feet too, which is more hurt and cause your feet to look like splitting ground.

Medically, the dry skin that leads to cracked skin feet also occurs because of the weight you put on it that will widen to the sides, and turn the skin into dry ones and cause cracked feet. This will influence epidermis layers, and it will also go through the dermis, that is the point when it starts to hurt.

The feet you have is lack of natural mineral. Besides those facts that people tend to ignore, the cracked and dry skin on feet are also caused by the lack of vitamin, mineral, and also omega 3 fatty acid. Is it that complicated? Yes, but once you know how to cure it, you will soon get your healthy feet back.

Where Can Dry Skin on Feet and Cracked Skin on Feet Lead You to?

Since the lack of mineral and vitamin is vital in your body, many problems might appear. And the answer on how to get rid of dry skin on feet over night might be a little bit more complicated.

The xerosis cutis, the other name for this dry skin on feet, can appear when you do not treat it constantly. This way, actually, you can either cure it or prevent it.

Even though this is not that complicated and will tend to put you in danger, the cracks it has will cause bleeding problems and sometimes that hurt. Even, this will also lead to any infection or bruise (when you try to pull it out forcefully, realize it or not).

And if the person with this xerosis cutis has diabetes, the constant decrease of immune system, age, and also other diseases, it will automatically hamper the curing process.

Why does the Dry Skin on Feet often appear over Night?

Night time is actually the time when your body starts to throw all the toxic you have on the day, by sweating, processing, and digesting all and throw them away in the morning on the toilet. All the function and nerve inside will automatically tell you to sleep, to get rest.

When one body part is disturbed caused by any damaging bacteria, you will wake up and scratch, not knowing what to do. All you know that you get inconvenient.

The actual reason behind the dry skin or cracked skin on feet that comes over night, is that it is the time when the bacteria gets along your feet inside your blood system and disturb you.

At that time, you are supposed to be sleeping. But because of the lack of moist inside, you will soon feel worse than the day, noon, or evening. You will get more uncomfortable than before at night. This, does not only happen to xerosis cutis or dry skin, but also to other diseases such as stomach flu or earache.

If you want to get your excitement during the day without being disturbed by this kind of inconvenient, it may now the time for you to start to wonder on how to get rid of dry skin on feet over night.

You also need to bear in mind that this does not require any surgery, or anything, but the first thing you have to do is to take care of this constantly, without getting tired to take care day by day or night by night. At the end, it is all worth it.

How to Get Rid of Dry Skin on Feet over Night?

So, let’s come up to the main points you will all do follow, safely. The problem of why dry skin leads to cracked feet or xerosis cutis have also been revealed. When you see carefully, there is no way you need to have a special medication.

All you need to do is to run your life as healthy as possible. Seeing the fact that the cure, protection, and treatment result all depends on yourself, and then these are brief instructions to follow to cure and avoid the dry skin you have. And when you lose yourself on it, then a hope might be just started to bury.

Basically, in medical world, there will always be choices. And the choices will go around bad or good, and nothing else. Related to the problem on how to get rid of dry skin on feet over night, there are two main methods that are worth to try.

The first is to cure it from inside, while the other way is to cure it from outside. The term outside and inside here means in the range of your body. These kinds of protections are needed to have prescriptions just in case you have a medicine intolerant.

But as long as you are okay with what you have consumed, then these remedies will go along well even you have no prescriptions at all. But still, better to know first then do.

What is the Meaning of inside and Outside Remedies?

Let’s start from the inside. The inside remedies of treatment on how to get rid of dry skin on feet over night will relate to the food you consume. As it has been stated before, a lifestyle will state how someone shapes their skin and body into a healthy one.

Besides the food, there is also medicine to consume. The medicine to consume that is sold out there is also divided into two, the chemical one and the herbal one (made from traditional and organic ingredients).

From the outside, the treatment or remedies for this xerosis cutis can be various. The variety of treatment for it could relate to both traditional and modern way. The modern way is usually started with moisture cream that you will use at night before going to sleep, helping your skin to get moist.

Meanwhile, the traditional one will require you to have some relaxing time at home. This is the one that leads to treatment called home remedies. No matter what, home remedies are always preferred by many people because it is safer and simpler. This one is effective too.

The need of getting both outside and inside treatment is something important to have. The combination of both treatments will do better, if you have time to deal with them all. If not, then a consistency on one would be enough to keep you positive to proof the answer on how to get rid of dry skin on feet over night.

Thus, these are some ways to consider after broadening the definition, cause, symptoms, and a little bit of explanation for the remedies. By now, you should be excited because a healthy life will change yourself a little by little, which is a good thing.

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Once, someone needs to realize that if a disease comes to their life and say “hey I want to stay”, it is the time for them to reflect and to see if they have done something wrong, and change.

And once they do what they are supposed to do to their body, the body will automatically respect them and let them live happier, healthier, and longer. Are you one of them?

#1 Treatment from Outside on How to Get Rid of Xerosis Cutis or Dry Skin on Feet over Night

Do this way on how to get rid of xerosis cutis over night, when you have no activities to do, and when the substance inside the ingredients will absorb into your skin perfectly.

So, the very first treatment on how to get rid of dry skin on feet over night is by using cucumber. Yes, this green friend contains a lot of mineral and gives you a fresh sensation.

The steps to make the mixture for your cracked feet are to blend or smashed the cucumber. Then, use the mixture to massage your feet. Cucumber is enriched by water that will help you to gain and moist the moisture on your feet.

After cucumber, there is also lime. All you have to do is to cut the lime into two pieces. Make sure that the lime you have is old enough so the water is much.

Then, after that you just need to massage your feet. The citrus aroma will give you a calming sensation, as well as the one to your nerve system. Do it regularly every night.

If you find bananas instead of lime in your fridge, you can take a profit on it. Banana is one of a kind. The smooth texture it has can give a smooth result on your cracked skin on feet.

The vitamin C inside this yellow friend is much. Thus, you can make a dry skin foot out of banana. The steps are easy; you only need to smash the banana and massage the mixture to your feet. Then rinse your feet with cold water.

The next one on how to get rid of dry skin on feet over night is using the smashed avocado. The soft fragrance that is owned by avocado will stretch the tense muscles you have in your feet that cause your feet to get cracked and dry.

And most importantly, you can also use avocado for almost all part of body to get the moist. The steps to make the mixture are just to smash them together so they are formed as paste. Then after that, you can smear them around.

The natural mixture of fruits above has been clinically proven to bring a constant treatment to your feet. By that, it means that the treatment is for long investment. You don’t need to be put in more trouble than before. The next is the treatment from outside using moisture cream.

The moisture cream is probably a second choice next to the natural one. Ancient people back then believe that Mother Earth has given everything. We just need to use it as wise as possible.

But if you want to use alternative way, moisture cream would be okay; this is the least way to do. Once you have bought it, all you need to do is to smear them along the cracked feet you have after bathing.

It is then easy to use because you don’t need to bother to smash banana or to squeeze limes. But remember to always check on the license the moisture cream has.

Make sure that they are legally accepted by medical department in your country. With all the needs of busy people to simple product, fake product can be anywhere, ready to harm your skin.

#2 Treatment from Inside on How to Get Rid of Xerosis Cutis or Dry Skin on Feet over Night

After knowing the tips on how to get rid of dry skin on feet over night from the outside, you are now introduced to the treatment from inside.

Separated from the first point of consuming healthy food, you also will have to be careful on consuming them. One needs to be aware of all lethargic effect on them once they consume medicine and natural fruits at the same time.

Let’s come up first to the consumption of food that contains lots of mineral, water, vitamin, and omega 3 fatty acid. The first thing you need to have in the morning, in the middle of your break of work, in the afternoon, at lunch, at dinner, any time, is mineral water.

Simply simple, but amazingly great to your body. Mineral water will keep you hydrated. Your body needs to stand for a day and so, and the one thing you least to do is to have a bottle of mineral water in your side. That doesn’t sound complicated, does it?

After making sure that you are hydrated by mineral water, you also need to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables every day. The fruits that contain lots of vitamin that can help you to smooth your dry skin including feet are strawberry, banana, avocado, lime, papaya, pineapple, apple, watermelon, or oranges.

This way, you will find a great way on how to get rid of dry skin on feet over night If you get bored of eating them raw, you can always mix them with yoghurt or veggies. For the sake of your skin and body, the intake should be enough to keep your body hydrated, balance, and healthy just the way it is.

Let’s move on to the food that contains omega 3 fatty acid. You probably would not believe it but they are all delicious. Don’t say no first if you haven’t even tried. Taste them, you will feel better and thank yourself later.

Salmon. Salmon is in the list of food that can increase brain intelligence. Besides that, the other plus thing is about the omega 3 fatty acid that can soften your skin.

Eggs. Who doesn’t like to have eggs in the morning and in the lunch box? Egg is preferable than salmon because it is cheaper. One egg contains 60-150 mg omega 3. Actually, the equivalent is rather small, but the omega 3 fatty acid can help you to smooth your cracked skin.

If you even only prefer the white and not the yolk that is even better. It also depends on how you cook it. It will be better to have extra virgin olive oil to cook it, or just steam or boil this round friend. This is a fun way on how to get rid of dry skin on feet over night.

Spinach. Popeye the Sailorman might like the spinach because it gives him strength. The iron does. But who knows that inside these veggies, there are omega 3 fatty acid that can strengthen the bond of your nerves, which can eventually gather your xerosis cutis. Cook them fast so the vitamin will not be reduced. Or else, you can have a glass of spinach juice mixed with lemon, strawberry, and carrot.

What is on the next list? Do you like dairy? If yes, what kind of dairy product that you like? Whether it is milk or yoghurt, you have to stay calm because dairy products such as plain milk and yoghurt can help you to smooth your dry skin.

It is not only good for your cracked skin on feet, but also to other skin on your body. Thus, something about how to get rid of dry skin on feet over night might overwhelm you; it is as simple as that.

The treatment from inside cannot only be gotten from the food mentioned above. In this era where everyone can get a simple product, the product to solve your question on how to get rid of dry skin on feet over night does exist.

The product to smooth the dry skin on feet is usually herbal, where you can get the extract veggies or fruits that contain vitamin and mineral at the same time. Another product may offer you with traditional way from Ancient Asian.

Normally, you will have to consume them before going to sleep. At that time when you sleep, your body will try to absorb everything you have consumed, and that is the best time for the herbal medicine to get rid of your cracked skin on feet. Consume them in continue and be good to your body.

Just a Little Bit of Tips

You have now read all the explanation on why and how to get rid of dry skin on feet over night. You have also broadened your mind and knowledge.

Finally, you may have come to the conclusion that a lifestyle you have will impact to the body of yours, too. And how to cure and prevent it from all the diseases including xerosis cutis? It is by treating it well and run a healthy life.

Other additional ways you can always try are: to wear socks because socks can protect your skin from over expose UV, wear the clean and dry one; use antiseptic and clean your feet regularly over night; the last one, don’t forget to do it constantly.

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