How to Get Rid of Ingrown Pimples Fast Using Natural Ingredients

Below, we will tell you twelve natural ingredients (most of them you can find in the kitchen) that you can use to remove the ingrown pimple in your face not only safely but also quickly.

Potato for Ingrown Pimples

Potato for Ingrown Pimples


Potato is one natural ingredient that can answer the question of how to get rid of ingrown pimples fast and safe. Potato is not only good in your dinner table but on your face as well. Potato is full of potassium and sulfur.

Both substances are good to tame the acne and get rid of them. To use potato as the acne cure on your face, you can do it in two ways just like the garlic.

The first way, you can apply potato directly on your acne. You need to cut a medium-sized potato in a half. Then, rub the wet part on your acne. Leave it to dry for 10 minutes then wash your face.

The second method is making mask out of potato. To make the mask, you will need a grated potato and two tablespoon of honey. Mix them together in a container until it is well combined.

Then, use the paste on your face especially on the area where the pimples are growing. Let the mask dry for about 20 to 30 minutes. Wash your face and repeat every day so that the pimples shrink faster.

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