How to Get Rid of Ingrown Pimples Fast Using Natural Ingredients

Below, we will tell you twelve natural ingredients (most of them you can find in the kitchen) that you can use to remove the ingrown pimple in your face not only safely but also quickly.

Yogurt and Honey for Ingrown Pimples

Yogurt and Honey for Ingrown Pimples

Yogurt and Honey

In the previous section, you have heard the function of honey to get rid of the pimples. Yes, honey is loaded by natural anti-biotic, anti bacteria, and natural moisturizer. To remove acne from your face really quickly and safely, you can combine with plain yogurt.

Yes, yogurt is not only good for your dessert but also very good for your face if you have acnes or pimples. Yogurt is a natural moisturizer as well just like honey. Plus, yogurt has the ability to sooth irritated skin.

So, if your acne is getting worse and it turns red, you can just leave the business to the yogurt. Surely, the answer of how to get rid of ingrown pimples fast and safe is by using the combo between honey and yogurt.

If you decide to try the method, do not forget to choose high quality yogurt and make sure it is plain. To make the honey and yogurt mask, you will need half a cup of plain yogurt and two tablespoon of honey.

Mix them together in a container until it is well combined. Then, just like the honey and cinnamon mask, use the paste on your face especially on the area where the pimples are growing. Let the mask dry for about 20 to 30 minutes.

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Wash your face really well after that because the mask is quite sticky and you do not want any residue on your face. Dry your face with a towel. Do the treatment every day for a better result.

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