How to Get Rid Of Milia under Eyes and Around the Eyes Effectively with Less of Risk

The solution on how to get rid of milia under eyes is something important for any of you who have such the problem. The problem of milia for many people can be so frustrating. That is especially for women who always want to look beautiful, flawless, and of course really shining.

The existence of the problem of milia which commonly comes around the face, especially around the eyes might ruin the appearance of the face. That is why it becomes the frustrating skin problems as well for the women. The worse thing is that when people do not even know about milia.

Sure, many people still have no idea about this skin problem called milia. Many of them think that it is a type of acne or whiteheads, so that they also treat them as like an acne or whitehead. Actually, they are completely different. It means the treatments of milia will also be different from acnes and whiteheads.

That is what anyone needs to consider when they are looking for how to get rid of milia under eyes effectively. You need to know first about milia, what cause milia, how to treat it, and how to prevent milia. Those are what anyone needs to know first before looking for the best way on treating milia properly and effectively.

By knowing well about it, we will really know how to deal with this problem in such the effective way. Of course, there are some methods that you can choose for dealing with this problem, as like by dealing with the natural home remedy or even by the medical treatments.

Sure, any methods can be chosen as long as it is suitable for you. Then, if you already treat and get rid of this skin problem, you also need to find the way on how to prevent this skin problem comes and happens again to you.

How to Get Rid Of Milia under Eyes


What Actually Milia are

The first thing anyone needs to do is investigating whether the skin problem that you experience is milia or not. Sure, it means you need to know much first about what milia is actually before you are looking for the solution of how to get rid of milia under eyes and all around the face and body.

So, what are milia actually? Milia are actually the bumps in small size which looks like a small acne that happen when the dead cells of skin are trapped below the surface of the skin. Then, they form some small cysts which are hard.

They will look like small acne with the white bump there. It looks really similar to acnes or whiteheads. Milia can happen to skin of any parts of the body. However, commonly it happens around the face, especially around the eyes including under the eyes. This skin problem can happen to anyone in any ranges of age, including babies.

Adults also have the same risk of suffering from milia. Most of babies have experienced the problems of milia. That can occur to infants because of the skin is not exfoliated properly. Actually, milia do not require any special treatments since they can disappear themself. That is especially for the babies.

However, for adults perhaps this problem can be so disturbing so that particular treatments can be obtained to deal with such the problem in more effective way. Adults can experience the secondary milia with rashes and also burns.

Actually there are two categorizations of milia which we can know, they are:

  • Primary Milia

Primary milia are actually when the bumps are trapped by the keratin. This can happen to the adults and also babies and commonly happen to the face.

  • Secondary Milia

That is actually similar to the primary one. This commonly happens as the following result of particular problems of the skin which can clog the channel of the skin surface.

As we have said before, Milia can happen to anyone in any ages, including kids, babies, and even adults. The symptoms are really notable. There will be the bumps which look like acnes or whiteheads. They commonly have the white until yellowish color on the top. Commonly they are not itchy and not painful. Milia actually can happen to any skins on all parts of the body.

For the primary milia, they commonly happen to the face area as like cheeks, around the eyes, forehead, and also nose. However, most of the cases happen to the area of eyes as like under the eyes or even the eyelids.

For the secondary milia, they can happen to any parts of the body. Babies can also experience milia on the palate and also gum. That is the common problems which can happen to the babies. For adults finding the effective ways on how to get rid of milia under eyes and also the surrounding area can help to deal with that effectively.

Actually, there are some factors which can cause the problem of milia. On adults, milia commonly occur because of the improper use of the skincare products and even makeup. That will cause milia on the face area. Another common factor which causes milia is the exposure of the sunshine.

That causes the epidermis to be too thick so that the dead skin cells could not be removed. Then, it will also result the skin which could not be regenerate properly. The main cause is the dead skin cells which are trapped. Then, the improper skincare product and also heavy makeup can also be the factor which can cause milia. That is especially around the area of the eyes. So, it is better to be wise on wearing makeup or applying skincare around the eyes area.

On babies or kids, milia can happen because of the skin regeneration could not happen properly because the oil glands of the baby skin are still developed. That is the reason why it is often said as the common problem which happens to babies.

How to Prevent Milia

Anyone can experience or suffer milia on their skin. That might be completely that worse and will make you feel unconfident. Dealing with the problem of milia is also not that really easy and will take much time. You will need finding and trying some ideas on how to get rid of milia under eyes and all around the face area.

You have to be smart on dealing with that. Before this problem happens to you, that will be a good idea for you to try preventing this problem. As all of us have known, there are so many ideas and also ways for preventing Milia.

One of the important to do if you are really interested in preventing this skin problem is by cleaning up your face properly and regularly. By cleaning up your face regularly, that will help preventing the dirt which can be accumulated and can cause milia.

You can clean up your face at least twice a day. That is when you wake up in the morning and before you go to bed. You also need to clean up your face after doing activities outside. That is really important. Cleaning up the face after you are wearing makeup is also really important. Clean it as soon as possible so that it would not affect clog to your skin pore.

Always make sure that your skin has been clean well before go to be is also important since your skin will also need to breath when you are sleeping. For cleaning your face skin, it is better to choose the right product which is really suitable to your skin. Never forget to make sure that the towel you use after washing your face is really clean.

Choosing the right makeup and skincare products based on your skin type is also really important for you to deal with. This way will help you to be away from this skin problem so that your do not need finding the solution of how to get rid of milia under eyes and all the face area.

You need to know well about your face skin condition first before making a right choice. That is especially if you have the sensitive yet oily skin. Never choose the products which are too oily for your skin. That will cause your skin to be much riskier to the problem of milia.

Then, that is also important for you to avoid or reduce wearing the heavy makeup, especially for the area of around the eyes. That is because as we have mentioned in the previous part that it can cause milia. If you have to wear a heavy makeup, for example in the special occasion or moment, you have to make sure that you need to cleanse your skin as soon as possible. The deep cleansing is totally needed as well. So, you will be sure that your skin is already clean well.

Another good thing to do for preventing milia is always wearing sunscreen. That is important to be done even when you are doing activities indoor. That is because even though you spend your time indoor but the sunshine or sun light can also expose your skin.

You need to apply sunscreen after you apply your skincare product, as like moisturizer, and before you apply makeup, as like before the foundation. You also need to choose the right sunscreen product. It is good to choose sunscreen which is completely oil free. That is because it will also help you to prevent the pore clog.

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Another good and recommended way for preventing milia if you do not want to deal with the tricky solution of how to get rid of milia under eyes and all around the face surface is by doing the exfoliation. You need to exfoliate your face skin regularly.

That needs at least once a week to exfoliate your face skin. If you do that too often, that will also be not good for your face since it can cause the new milia and result another skin problem as like the dry skin. You can choose to use the gentle one for exfoliating your skin, for example by using the hyaluronic acid.

Applying retinol can also be a good idea for you since it will help exfoliating your skin. That will also keep your skin to be smooth and clean. You can also use it to apply it to the area of the skin with milia but you need to avoid the eyelid.

By dealing with some ways on preventing milia, you will also prevent yourself to the need of finding how to get rid of milia under eyes. The key for preventing milia is keeping your skin to be always cleaned, well-protected from the sun exposure, well exfoliated, and also really well treated. Those are the keys for preventing your skin from milia.

How to Get Rid of Milia

If you already know and are sure that the bumps on your skin are milia, you can find the ways on treating them well to get rid of them effectively. If you are looking for the ways on how to get rid of milia under eyes effectively, you can try the natural home remedies first rather than using the chemical products or trying the professional help for getting rid of the milia.

Sure, if you are trying to get rid of milia using the natural home remedies, you have to be a bit patient since it will take more time. However, you will also have a peace of mind since the natural home remedy to get rid of milia would not affect bad to your skin. In the other hand, the chemical ones might possibly have side effects to your skin especially if you have a sensitive skin type.

That is why you can try the natural home treatment first for getting rid of milia effectively and safely. In addition, the natural home remedies are commonly safe for any areas of your face including under and around the eyes. That is why that will be great as the idea of solution on how to get rid of milia under eyes. The ideas of the natural home remedy to get rid of milia, especially milia under and around the eyes are shown below.

Applying natural scrub as a way for exfoliating your skin is a good idea to try. You can use the scrub of baking soda which will help you on removing the dead skin cells. What you need to do is actually so simple. You can prepare olive oil and also baking soda. Mix them well and use the mixture for scrubbing your face skin.

That will result the great thing for you. Then, another idea is by using sugar as your natural face skin scrub. You can mix sugar with yoghurt, and use it as scrub as usual. Choose the plain yoghurt. Then, you can rinse your skin properly using the warm water after scrubbing. You can do this treatment at least once a week.

Another idea for getting rid the milia in a natural way is by using the pure honey. Honey is rich of antioxidants. It also consists of the humectant properties which can avoid the problem of dryness. You can simply use honey as a facial mask. You can apply it to your clean face skin. Then, leave it on your skin for at least twenty minutes. Then, rinse it well using the lukewarm water.

You also can mix the honey with lemon juice as mask. Another idea is by using honey as the part of the natural scrub, as like to be mixed with sugar, coffee powder, and so on. For the perfect result on getting the honey treatment to get rid of milia, you can choose the raw honey. That is natural and full of benefits.

If you love consuming pomegranate, do not throw away the peels. Sure, the pomegranate peels can also be the ingredients for your natural home remedies on how to get rid of milia under eyes. That is such a simple way.

We only need to collect the peels of pomegranate and roast them. Then, the peels will be brittle and turn to be dark brown. You can crush the peels so that they will turn to be powder. Then, take about two tablespoon of the pomegranate peel powder and mix it with rose water and also lemon juice.

Mix them well until they turn into a good paste. Using the paste, you can rub your face properly and gently. Then, you can leave it on your skin for about twenty minutes and rinse your face well using the warm water properly. Then, apply the cold face tonic and also proper light moisturizer. You can do such this treatment regularly at least twice in a week.

Another simple idea to get rid of milia on your face, especially your under eye milia, you can simply do the facial steam. That will effectively help unclogging your skin pore. It will help losing and removing the debris and dead skin cells effectively.

That is really simple since you only need hot water and also tea tree oil. If you do not have tea tree oil, you can simply use dry tea leaves. You can mix hot water with some drops of tea tree oil or some table spoons of tea, then place them on a bowl. Place your face above the bowl and let your face to be steamed well.

You can also use dry cloth or towel to cover your head and the bowl. That will help the steam to effectively expose your face skin. After the steaming process, applying the apple cider vinegar is really recommended to be done. You can do this facial steam for about fifteen minutes. Do this treatment at least three times in a week.

As we have said before, doing the natural home remedies for dealing with the idea on how to get rid of milia under eyes will require you to be a bit patient since it will take a bit more time. If you are just too disturbed and annoyed of the existence of milia under your eyes or even any area on your face, you can go to meet a dermatologist for getting a series of treatment.

You can go getting a consultation to the dermatologist and then they will give us the proper information regarding to your skin condition and also the problem of milia which occurs. Then, you will also get some ideas and recommendations for the treatments which you can obtain.

There are some possible treatments which can be obtained as the solution on how to get rid of milia under eyes. Commonly the treatments which can be obtained are laser, cryotherapy, chemical peelings, or microdermabrasion. There might also be some other ideas of treatments which we can obtain for getting rid of the milia. The dermatologist will give you the recommendation for which treatment which is suitable for you to choose.

Some Tips on Dealing with Milia

When you are finding the ways of how to get rid of milia under eyes, it is a good idea for you to be wise and smart on choosing the right treatments to be applied. You can choose the natural home remedies, the professional dermatologist treatment, or even the combination of both of them. It depends on you.

However, the key is that you need to really know your skin condition and also skin type. That will help you to avoid the method or ingredients which could make your skin irritated or in a problem. Having a consultation to a dermatologist is also a good thing to do to know properly your skin condition and its problem.

There are some tips which might be helpful for you to deal with the right treatment and also way for dealing with the milia problem. The first, you need to know that baby does not require special treatment to get rid of milia. If you are dealing with the problem of milia which happens to baby, milia will be disappeared naturally themselves so that you would not need to treat them in special way.

When you see a dermatologist, they will also give you the same suggestion for giving time to the baby skin to heal it itself. That is because the treatments will make the baby feels uncomfortable. Then, the skin of baby is still sensitive.

Then, when you are facing such the problem of milia, it is better for not to scratch and push the bumps since it is not acne. That is what you need to consider when you are looking for the way on how to get rid of milia under eyes and around the eyes. 

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