How to Get Rid of Sunspots on Face

Everyone wishes to have smooth, youthful and spotless skin. However, age and environment seem to be indomitable enemies that are impossible to defeat. No matter how unrelentingly people try to take care of their skin, various unwanted skin anomalies, especially sunspots, will eventually appear on their skin.

Although those spots are neither itchy nor painful and not typical of dangerous skin diseases, they still cause displeasure because their appearance is embarrassing and people with those spots no longer consider their skin smooth and youthful.

How to Get Rid of Sunspots on Face


What Is Sunspot?

Terminologically, sunspot is also called age spot or liver spot. Its two names, sunspot and age spot, are undoubtedly relevant because the emergence of the spot is caused by prolonged exposure to sunray and because the spot is more likely to appear on the skin of older people, especially those of age 50 or older.

Liver spot, on the other hand, though not a misnomer, might not be a 100% accurate term to identify the anomaly because the spot is by no means caused by liver’s activity and malfunction. The spot may get this name because of its dark brown or black color, which resembles the color of liver. Sunspots are also called solar lentigines—another term that signifies the primary cause of their emergence.

Sunspots have varying characteristics. Their color might be tan, brown or black and their diameter may range from less than one millimeter to about one and half centimeter. They usually form clusters of freckles on the affected area of the body. Although they are considered skin anomalies, they hardly cause discomfort.

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People who have sunspots on their skin will not feel itchy or pain. What makes them hate those spots is purely cosmetic and aesthetic. They want those spots to disappear because they don’t feel confident and attractive with those spots spoiling their skin.

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