How to Make Homemade Deep Conditioner for Natural Hair

Conditioning is one important step for hair care. Conditioning is important for maintain your hair moisturizing and hair regimen. Doing deep conditioning , especially when fall or winter month will be quiet useful for keeping hair still moist since the season make hair growing drier and frizzier.

There are market deep conditioner that you are able to buy in market, but having homemade deep conditioner for natural hair will give you the natural hair ingredient that not only moist your hair but also give natural nutrient for your hair.

What are the most factors that involved in effective and good deep conditioner for your hair?  What are the benefits of doing deep conditioning? How you choose your deep conditioner for your hair types? Who need this deep conditioning treatment? How you create homemade deep conditioner? This article will lead you in all about how you deep conditioner your hair and improves your healthy hair.

The effective deep conditioner is depending on your hair’s requirement. The first thing that you need to consider that this deep conditioner is good for you is this conditioner makes your hair more manageable.

This means that when you use the conditioner, your hair should be easier to combing and detangle. Next, is notice your hair strength whether it is less breakage significantly when you comb it since the purpose from deep conditioner is increasing the hair’s strength.

The last, after use your conditioner, you should feel that your hair is softer and retain the moist ease. If your recent hair conditioner does not make any change for your hair strength and moisturizer as above, it is your time for change the conditioner.

Deep conditioner is your vital aspect for having beautiful and healthy hair. Hair composed from protein and just by combing or styling this makes you lose some of hair protein. Conditioner will replenish hair and maintain the hair strength.

This is why; you need to find the best and effective deep conditioner that work well for your hair base on your hair type and requirements. Most of all, deep condition repair and maintain your hair health. This also improves your hair health.

Homemade Deep Conditioner for Natural Hair


The oily hair need to avoid for ingredients that contains much fatty acids that it will leave grease in your hair when you use as deep condition.  When you are creating deep conditioner for your hair with your DIY recipes, you at least need one or more from the following ingredients that makes your hair healthy and moist.

The first is base. Note that virtually, conditioner use as base and the creamier is better. You can use mayonnaise for hair base conditioner because it has oil base and yields for beautiful hair shines. Next is liquid.

This is ingredient for your hair moisturizing. You can choose for aloe vera juice, glycerin and water. Aloes vera moisturize your hair and help your hair grow naturally.  This also delivers amazing hair shines by locking oils into hairs straps.

Glycerin moisturizes hair by bind water together and work well with other ingredients by heightens your hair moisturizer level. The last but not least is Oils for lock the moisture in hair. You can use Argan oil, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, jojoba oil and avocado oil.

Argan oil is good for your hair to make it softer, shiny and silky, the avocado oil is perfect for any dry hair, damaged hair, remedying for itchy scalp.

Coconut oil is great hair moisture locking because it not easily broken and evaporated, in addition it keeping hair stay strong and soft and preventing hair loss.

Extra virgin olive oil locks moisture and perfect for healing dry and itchy scalps that result shiny hair. Jojoba oil is similar for natural oil hair sebum that produces by scalp.

Therefore, this oil will absorb well in your hair strands. Next the last ingredient is moisture sealant that protects hair from harsh weather, sun heat; soften hair, and sooth the irritated scalp.

The benefit of deep conditioning treatment for your natural hair should become your consideration for doing this regularly. Deep conditioning treatment is need for women who treat their hair with braids, twist, heat and styling products, use chemical treatments, use sulfate base shampoo and the most important, it is for almost everyone that desire healthy and shiny hair.

The first benefit from deep conditioning is preventing hair damage. Deep conditioning treatment help to reduce breakage and hair splits ends and improve hair health. Incorporate deep conditioning will maintain your healthy hair.

The second benefit is imparts the moisture. To get healthy hair, your hair need balance moisture. The best moisturizing ingredients such as protein, essential oils and water that involves in deep conditioning can impart your hair moisture. Without moisture, your hair will dry and brittle that makes the hair prone to breakage.

Next benefit is promotes the hair elasticity. Deep conditioner promotes elasticity that prevent dry, breaks under tension and brittle hair snaps. To combat hair breakage, you need strengthen moisture and nourish your hair with deep conditioner. Choose the hair moisture that contains essential natural oils such as milk and olive oil, sunflower oil, or argan oil.

The next benefit is adding hair shine and luster. The hair product that you use everyday such as shampoo and hair styling grind and rob your hair moisture and shine. This will make your hair dull and dry, the deep conditioning treatment is able to repair damage and smooth the shaft hair.

Here are some tips and recipes for your deep hair conditioner that work well for your hair moisturizing.

Easy Homemade Deep Conditioner for Natural Hair Purpose

There are several purposes of deep conditioner that you can consider base on the ingredient benefit. However, these three base recipes can be use for all hair types and problem hair.

The first deep conditioner recipe is homemade deep conditioner for natural hair manageability. This recipe of homemade deep conditioner improves the hair manageability after rinse styling. The ingredients are come from banana, glycerin, olive oil and honey.

The most important ingredients in this recipe are banana since this minimize the hair shrinkage and soften hair when this mixed with other deep conditioner ingredient. Glycerin, honey, and olive oil penetrate to hair and contribute as benefit for hair moisturizing.

To make this deep conditioner, you need to take ingredient of 1 large overripe banana slice, 4 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil, 2 tablespoon pure vegetable glycerin, and 2 tablespoon pure honey. Blender all ingredients thoroughly and ensure that there are no lumps or banana bits remain.

Apply the blended ingredient into hair and leave it for 30-45 minutes. Cover with shower cap. After that, detangle, rinse and style your hair as usual.

Next deep conditioner recipe is for hair detangling. This deep conditioner is creates from avocado, shea butter, olive oil, and apple cider vinegar. The use of this deep conditioner is for hair lubricates, thick and heavy that moisture and detangles hair.

The fat acid in avocado meat contributes for this effective mixture deep conditioner. The fatty acids in olive oil that combine with shea butter that have emollient agent add hair lubrication and moisturizing. The last is apple cider vinegar that has acidic PH flatten the hair cuticles that make your hair easier to detangle.

This deep conditioner is perfect for you who have thick, dense and major shrinkage hair problem. To make this deep conditioner, you need to slice the one overripe avocado, half a cup of refined shea butter, and the quarter cup of extra virgin olive oil with 2-3 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into blender.

Blend the entire ingredient and add extra virgin olive oil if it is necessary until it reaches the deep consistency.  Apply to your hair at least 30-45 minutes and cover with shower cap. Rinse and style as usual.

The main ingredients in this deep conditioner, avocado is benefit to adding hair shine and hair natural oil, anti fungal properties that prevent from itchy and scalp problem, contain anti bacteria properties and this also solving hair growth problem.  This deep conditioner is perfect for hair that dry, brittle, and damage.

Next deep conditioner recipe is for hair strengthening. This deep conditioner perfect for natural hair that dislikes the protein conditioner but need more strengthening.

The coconut oil in this recipe binds to hair and reduces the loss of hair keratin. Coconut oil is containing rich fatty acids that nourish and moisturize the hair and scalp. The Polynesian people have and still using virgin coconut oil for their beauty product.

“Journal Cosmetic Science” published the research that coconut oil that applies in hair is able to reduce breakage. In 2005, they also note that coconut oil penetrate better into hair follicles better than other mineral oils.

Coconut oil is available for hair remedies for frizz hair combat, dandruff rid, lice preventing, and improves hair growth. The hair will grow thicker and fuller. The antibacterial properties ward off the infection of hair follicles and fungal infections.

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Honey that react as humectants added as moisture retention. The conditioner made from 4 tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil, 2 tablespoon of pure honey that place and mix in small cup.

Place the small cup in large bowl with hot water. Allow the cup to sit in water for few minutes until the mixture being warm.  Pour the mixture to fresh washed blotted hair that has toweled. Put the shower cap cover and wrap with towel.

Leave for 20 minutes and rinse out the conditioner as usual. The important factor that you need to consider when you apply your conditioner is always starts the deep conditioner application in hair that freshly washed and conditioned.

To apply your deep conditioner, apply from roots to hair tips, utilize the smoothing motion for thorough application. After it, finish by apply the deep conditioner, put shower cap.

Next is deep conditioner that uses coconut oil and egg. The use of egg in this recipe adds hair strengthening.  Melt half cup of coconut oil in pan with bowl until it liquefied.

After that add an egg and stir well until it has consistency. Apply the mixture into your hair and cover with shower cap. If you have shoulder length or shorter or you want to treat the ends from your hair, the ¼ half cup f coconut oil is sufficient.

Do not melt the coconut oil with microwave or in direct high over heat because it will degrade the oil quality. Just put hot water into bowl and place the coconut oil in cup bowl to hot water until it melt.

Note that is it not recommended for leave the conditioner longer than one hour because this can result over moisturizes and impact for fragile rather than strong hair result. Rinse the hair with cool water that purposes for close the hair cuticles.

Homemade Deep Conditioner Recipes for Natural Curly Hair

A curly hair sometimes makes you hard to style your hair since it sometimes get dull, frizzle and dry. A curly hair need extra attention for the treatment and hair styling, therefore deep conditioner will make it easier to style curly hair.

Here is easy recipe for homemade deep conditioner for natural hair perfect for curly hair treatment. The first recipe is deep conditioner that perfects for curly hair that also dry hair. The ingredients are 1 cup of purified water, a half cup of aloe juice, one tablespoon of melted coconut oil,  3 tablespoon of lime juice, 5 vitamin E capsules, 2 tablespoon glycerin, and 2 tablespoon essential oils. Mix all entire ingredients and store in spray bottle than you can use for hair moisturizer anytime.

Next is other recipes for deep conditioner that improves the curly hair strength and shiny. The first recipe is coconut rapture deep conditioner that made from 1-tablespoon coconut oil and one-tablespoon calendula oil.

Place all ingredients in bowl and stands in a pan with simmering water until it melted. Mix together and message into hair while the ingredients still warms, wrap the towel around your hair and leave for at least 5 minutes before you rinse with warm water.

For dry hair curly deep conditioner recipe, you can use this recipe to add more bounce at your curly hair.  Add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, 2 drops of glycerin, 1-tablespoon olive oil, and egg yolk with mug water. Blend the entire ingredients together and drench the tresses.

Apply the deep conditioner and leave for 15-20 minutes. Do low poo wash or use vinegar wash. For vinegar wash, use one-tablespoon vinegar that added with 1 cup of water. Condition as usual and style it. Next is cinnamon combo that great for curly hair to hydrate and give shiny.

You need to blend mayo, two eggs, honey, cinnamon, and little mix together and heat little bit. Apply as it still warm and leave for no longer than 30 minutes. For frizzy and dry curly hair, use one cup of mayonnaise and half-avocado mix into paste. Rub into your hair and wrap with plastic cap. Repeat at least once a week for result better.

Beside of deep conditioning, you also able to add this deep conditioning hair mask. This deep conditioning hair mask is not only good for curly hair but also for any hair type. You will need to use green tea, aloe vera gel or fresh aloe vera leaves, coconut oils, fresh ginger, rosemary and essential oils.

Heat hot water with green tea and let boil for 2 minutes. Add the other ingredients, aloe vera, fresh ginger, rosemary and coconut oil. Let boil for 5 minutes and let it cool down and filter with strainer. Add 2-3 essential oils drops.

If you not prefer for coconut oils, you can replace with other oil such as olive oil and others. Add egg into mixture that adds protein in your hair. Apply to your scalp and steam as mask for less an hour. If your curly hair weak, and tend to loss, you can use this deep conditioner mix.

The ingredients consider from 1 pot of yogurt, 1 egg, a few teaspoon of olive oil, splash of sifted coconut milk, splash of orange and lemon juice, and a tablespoon of honey. Mix the entire ingredients in to bowl and apply into wet hair. Rinse off with conditioning shampoo. You can keep the remaining deep conditioning in fridge at least 3 days and a week if not use coconut milk.

Dos and Don’ts When Deep Conditioning Hair

When you are having deep conditioning your hair, there is several tips and suggestion that you can use for have great result for better shiny, moist, soft and bounce hair.  You need to follow the instruction and ensure that the deep conditioner is suit for your hair type.

The first you need to do when you get deep conditioning your hair, ensure that your hair is deep conditioned regularly that ensure your hair manageable, less breakage, less frizz, softer, shiny and retain length. The regular term is depending on your hair condition. Some require at least once a week, some need every 2 weeks.

It is recommended to starts with weekly treatment when your hair get weak and limp and then lessen into two or three week when your hair getting better.  Next, that you need to do with deep conditioning is heat it up. Heat your hair when it is still deep conditioned will make your deep conditioner double work and improves your hair get super soft and smooth.

The recommended heat degree is about up to 35 degree Celcius that able to increase the absorption and effectiveness from hair deep conditioner. Heating your deep conditioner in hot water is preferred rather than heat in microwave. You are also able to apply heat when you apply the conditioner by wrapping with warm towel or heat with hair dryer.

Next is alternate your deep conditioner ingredients to create proper balance of moisturizer and protein. This will keep your hair soft, nourished, strong, minimize breakage, aid hair growth and retention length.

For getting moisture and hair softness, choose the deep conditioner that has fatty alcohol such as emollient butter and oils, humectants agents such as aloe vera and glycerin, and ceramids. If you consider for strengthening treatment, choose natural ingredients that contain protein, amino acids, keratin and henna.

Next, get steamy when you deep condition your hair because it can boost moisturizer and lifts the cuticles allow for prepare better penetration from conditioning ingredients. Steam your hair while it has deep conditioning also improve the elasticity and retention the moisture.

Next, is some act that you do need to do and avoid when you deep conditioning. First is never over do your deep conditioning treatment. Deep conditioning is different from hair mask that you can do for overnight or hours.

The maximum duration for your deep hair conditioning is 30 minutes. The over conditioning can result mushy and fragile hair keratin that result weak hair. The second thing that you need to avoid during deep conditioning is multi task.

Do not use your deep conditioner to co-wash or leave-in conditioner. Deep conditioner is formulated for provide intense conditioning into hair. Deep conditioner tends containing higher concentration from cationic surfactans that stick to hair and will lead even more when use as co-wash or leave-in.

Next is blowing your budget by buying expensive conditioner. For your information, deep conditioner base recipes tends with same ingredients; water, fatty alcohol, surfactant, humectants, emollients, and protein. When you buy market deep conditioner, compare for ingredients list and you will surprise that you are able to find the similar ingredients compositions for cheaper price brands.

Next is avoiding store your deep conditioning is long term. Because your deep conditioner made from fresh and natural ingredients such as avocado, coconut oils, lime, orange juice, and others, it will be worst idea when you keep the mixes deep conditioner for more few days. This can invite bacteria grow in your mix.  Prepare the deep conditioner for use in single use time and clean kitchen utensils to prevent bacteria.

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