How to Use Virgin Coconut Oil for Psoriasis and Eczema in Effective yet Safe Way

Looking for the information regarding to how to use virgin coconut oil for psoriasis and eczema is totally helpful especially if you experience such the problem of eczema or even psoriasis or perhaps one of your beloved people is suffering from psoriasis and eczema.

They are the skin problems which can be completely serious. It depends on the body immune as well. Both of those diseases are completely disturbing and of course they are totally annoying.

Still, perhaps some of you are not really that sure what is psoriasis and eczema actually. That is a good idea to know about those skin diseases first before dealing with the right treatment.

All you need to do is getting rid of the problem in an effective way without any side impacts which can be much more serious. That will be a good idea for you to think about using the natural treatment for dealing with both of the skin problems.

They are completely that essential in order to reduce the possible side effects which can make the condition to be much more serious. Using the chemical products as like the chemical skin lotion or even ointment might be the common way but make sure that it is suitable to your skin and would not affect the irritation of the skin.

How to Use Virgin Coconut Oil for Psoriasis and Eczema


That is because not all of the products will suit you. The safe way as the solution on dealing with that is choosing the natural treatment or natural home remedy. We can use the natural ingredients as like virgin coconut oil or even any other things.

Maybe, some of you still have no idea about the extra virgin coconut oil. That is actually the oil which comes from the coconut milk but the process is much more traditional and naturals so that the result will be totally different from the common coconut oil which we often use to cook.

The extra virgin coconut oil offers a bunch of benefits for the health. That will help us promoting the health and it is also said as the effective solution of anti-cancer. It becomes the reason why nowadays a lot of people are interested in consuming the virgin coconut oil as the way to get the better health.

Then, of course it also has a great benefit on treating your skin to be much better, as like getting the smooth and also soft skin as long as it is treated regularly using the virgin coconut oil. It is a good thing for you to know about virgin coconut oil first and know a bunch of benefits which are offered by this great oil.

Then, you will get the idea about how amazing this oil is. That is including treating psoriasis and also eczema. By knowing about those things we will also know about how to use virgin coconut oil for psoriasis and eczema effectively and safely.

The information about those things is discussed below. Of course, all people are interested in being always healthy and fit. That is not only for the internal body but also the external one as like the skin.

Having a healthy skin is needed since when we experience such the worse skin problems as like eczema and psoriasis, they will make us feel uncomfortable and really disturbed. So, finding the effective solution and treatment with less of risk is what we need.

What is Psoriasis and Eczema?

Before we are looking for the information about how to use virgin coconut oil for psoriasis and eczema, it is important for us to know about psoriasis and eczema. Those are actually the problems which happen to the skin.

Both of them result the discomfort. That is the reason why they are completely disturbing. It is because of the itchy and sometimes burnt feeling which can be experienced.

Before we are looking for the solution on treating those skin problems in natural yet effective way, it will be completely helpful for you to find the complete information about those sin problems first.

  • Psoriasis

Psoriasis is actually the long term skin problem which can happen to anyone. This is actually the skin problem which is related to the autoimmune problem.

That is when the body immune attacks wrongly the cells which are healthy. This problem happens when the skin cell production happens excessively.

In the normal condition, the body will produce and also replace the skin cells which are dead once in couples of weeks, but in the psoriasis, it happens once in couples of days.

Then, as the result there will be the excessive skin cells which cause the thickening of skin. The genetic factor can be one of the factors which cause this problem. However, some health problems and also medical treatments can also cause this problem.

The main symptoms of psoriasis are the existence of the rash, thickening of the skin, skin peeling, skin thickening, and also the dry scaly skin.

Sometimes this condition affects the sore and itchy. This can happen to any area of the body as like scalp, elbow, back, knee, and many others.

Besides to the skin, this problem also happens to the nail. Still, the symptoms might be various from one to another. The intensity of the symptoms of psoriasis might also be different.

  • Eczema

Eczema is the chronic skin disorder which is really itchy and is often signed by the dry skin which is with inflammation. That results the common discomfort as like the sore and also itchy because of the dry condition of the skin.

There are some symptoms which we can see regarding to the problem of eczema. That is including the redness of the skin, dry skin, sometimes it gets wet, and thick.

This problem can be caused by the genetic factor with the trigger factor as like the environment which is allergen, the condition of dry skin, and many others.

The use of soap with high alkali and often spend time in the room with AC with the temperature under 18º C can also become the other factors which cause this problem.

Commonly, it is treated by applying ointment which can be obtained over the counter. That is especially on dealing with the itchy and preventing the infection. When the skin is dry and also itchy, moisturizing cream or lotion is suggested to be applied.

That is helpful to keep the skin moist. It can be done after taking a bath so that it helps to keep the skin moist. Still, it is needed by us to choose the right product which would not affect the allergy to our skin.

If we choose the wrong one commonly the chemical one, it will result the more serious condition to the skin. Choosing the natural one will be much safer, for example using the coconut oil.

The virgin coconut oil becomes the good idea to choose for the better and effective result. So, how to use virgin coconut oil for psoriasis and eczema? We need to go on reading till end to get the info.

Knowing about Virgin Coconut Oil

When we are discussing the long and complete thing about the problems of eczema and psoriasis, then virgin coconut oil can be something interesting to know before we are looking for the information about how to use virgin coconut oil for psoriasis and eczema.

So, what it is actually? Virgin coconut oil is actually the oil which is from the coconut. That is a little bit similar to the common coconut oil, but the factor that differentiates it from common coconut oil is about the process which is much more natural, healthy, and without using the high temperature and also chemical substance.

Thus, what is inside the oil will also be completely that different. Everything in the process of producing virgin coconut oil is completely natural and really safe. In brief, virgin coconut oil is the pure oil that is extracted from the fresh coconut.

The virgin coconut oil is processed in various ways. However, commonly it does not use the high temperature heat, chemical substance and many things.

One of the common ways which are often chosen by the home-based industry which produce the virgin coconut oil is by getting the fresh coconut, the gets the coconut milk.

The coconut milk which is used is the thick type one. Then commonly they also use the special coconut which is from the area near the beach since it will commonly produce the high natural pure oil.

Then, after they get the coconut milk, the coconut milk is strained using the special paper, and then the coconut milk is allowed to stand for about one or two nights or until the pure oil is separated from the water or the coconut milk.

That will be better if in that step or process, it is not exposed by the sun light. Then, what they take is the oil. That is the process to get the virgin coconut oil.

So, it is clear that it is without the high temperature, and also without any additional substance except the water for getting the coconut milk.

Besides this method, there are also two common methods which are done, as like through the fermentation process and drying.

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Differences of Virgin Coconut Oil and Common Coconut Oil

If you are still confused regarding to the difference of virgin coconut oil and also common coconut oil, it is a good idea for you to know about such the differences first before looking for the info about how to use virgin coconut oil for psoriasis and eczema.

Commonly, the conventional coconut oil is made through some processes including the heating processes in order to result the oil. Many industries which produce the common coconut oil also use chemical for getting rid the smell and also make the oil much clearer and cleaner.

Of course, because of the process what is inside the oil is not that healthy. In the other hand, the virgin coconut oil is made in such the natural and also organic way. That is from the natural extract of the coconut.

The process which is applied is completely that natural and completely that safe. It does not use the chemicals which are really bad for the health, and it also does not use the high temperature since it will result the bad fat of the oil. That is the reason why the virgin coconut oil is completely much better than the common coconut oil.

In addition, we can see that the appearance between the virgin coconut oil with the common coconut oil. The common coconut oil will have the colour which is a little bit yellowish, while the virgin coconut oil will be completely pure clear as like the fresh water.

The smell will also commonly different. The virgin coconut oil has the fresh smell as like the smell of coconut, while the common coconut oil which is not chemical added will be a little bit smelly.

Now, you might be able to differentiate the virgin coconut oil from the common coconut oil since actually they have the different physical appearance including the look and smell.

Then, of course we can imagine how great the benefits of the virgin coconut oil are actually. That is why the virgin coconut oil is used for treating the health problem, skin care products, and even as the way to maintain the health by consuming the virgin coconut oil.

It is including the use of virgin coconut oil for treating the problems as like psoriasis and eczema. That is because of its great benefits which can help on dealing with the wide ranges of the problems, from the beauty need until the health need.

So, it will be such a good idea to talk about the benefits of virgin coconut oil which is discussed below.

Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil

There are so many benefits of the virgin coconut oil which we need to know before we are learning much about the info of how to use virgin coconut oil for psoriasis and eczema.

One of the great things about this pure oil is about the rich lauric acid which is also found in breast milk. That is the fatty acid which is great on providing the properties of antifungal, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and also anti-viral.

In addition, the virgin coconut oil also consists of the high great mineral, antioxidant, and also vitamin as like vitamin E. Because of those great components inside the virgin coconut oil, there are some great benefits as well which can be obtained from it below are some of the benefits:

  • Consuming virgin coconut oil helps to improve the body immune system.
  • Dealing with the bacteria, virus, and candida naturally.
  • Consuming virgin coconut oil will also be great to prevent cancer. That is because of the particular lipid in virgin coconut oil helps to deactivate the particular types of viruses including HIV.
  • Virgin coconut oil which is consumed regularly will also help on providing the effective weight loss. That is because it is a good fatty acid which will help to remove the bad fat in the body which might cause various health problems and also overweight.
  • As the way to prevent the various problems of health as like heart attack, cholesterol, stroke, and so on.
  • Moisturize the skin effectively to deal with various problems as like acne, eczema, psoriasis, fine lines, wrinkle, and many more.

Those are only some examples of the great benefits of the virgin coconut oil. There are so many other benefits which we can obtain from the virgin coconut oil as long as it is used or consumed regularly.

Using Virgin Coconut Oil to Treat Psoriasis and Eczema

As we have said above, virgin coconut oil is such the amazing pure oil which is great to deal with various health problems including dealing with psoriasis and also eczema.

Actually for both of the condition, the treatments will be similar or the same. There are two methods which can be applied for treating them.

Those are the worth to try methods for treating the problems especially if you prefer to choose the natural yet safe way rather than using the chemical products which might be high of risk.

Using the virgin coconut oil is totally natural which means it is low of risk. They are the medication from outside and inside. So, how to use virgin coconut oil for psoriasis and eczema?

Here are the ideas for the treatment on dealing with the problems of the eczema and also psoriasis.

Treatment From Inside

Virgin coconut oil will be effective to treat psoriasis and also eczema, including the wide ranges of other kinds of health problems. One of the ways is by consuming this kind of pure oil.

That is really simple because we only need to consume it regularly. What you need to do is taking a table spoon virgin coconut oil three times per day. You also can take more, such like two table spoon virgin coconut oil for each portion of consumption.

Consuming it daily will be what you need to do. Then, you also can consume the virgin coconut oil in single use or even you can mix it with your favourite smoothies, juice, or something else.

Enjoy it as you want. One of the ideas to consume it is by mixing it with a glass of honey and fresh water. Adding lemon juice will also be a good idea.

In couples of time, you will enjoy the benefits and improvements as the result of the treatment effectively. That really works as long as you consume it regularly and choose the totally right and pure virgin coconut oil.

Treatment from Outside

In addition to deal with the proper treatment from inside by consuming the virgin coconut oil, we also can combine it with the treatment from the outside in order to get the effective result.

Sure, it will be really easy to do. You only need to take a bit of virgin coconut oil, and then use it topically to the areas which are affected by psoriasis or eczema. You can simply apply it thoroughly.

The gentle massage will also be helpful. You can do that treatment anytime but make sure that you do it regularly. Still, as the recommendation, you can simply apply it in evening before you go to sleep.

Do this every evening so that you will get the effective result regarding to the treatments of the virgin coconut oil from outside and inside for dealing with eczema and psoriasis.

Sure, we already know about the info of how to use virgin coconut oil for psoriasis and eczema simply and effectively with risk less way. You can have it a try and enjoy the great benefits.

What to Notice About the Use of Virgin Coconut Oil

As we have discussed above, there are so many amazing benefits that we can easily obtain when we are consuming and using virgin coconut oil, including on treating psoriasis and eczema; however there are some important points which we have to know.

That is including about the antivirus and antibacterial which is in the virgin coconut oil that will deal with the bacteria and virus in the body including in the digestion, so that perhaps it might affect diarrhoea.

However, it can be easily dealt with by consuming it in the small portion first. Then, when you and your tummy are ready enough, we can increase the portion. That will also help on dealing with the nausea that might also be the effect for your early consumption of the virgin coconut oil.

Then, you also need to know, in some cases, there are some people who also experience the allergy after consuming the virgin coconut oil. That can also be dealt with by consuming it in small portion first to know about the effect first.

Overall, actually virgin coconut oil offers a lot of benefits for the body’s health and even beauty. That is including on dealing with the problems of the psoriasis and also eczema which are totally that disturbing and really painful.

By knowing the information about how to use virgin coconut oil for psoriasis and eczema above, we have such a great solution which is effective, safe, and less of risk.

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