Hysterectomy Pain Remedy

Hysterectomy patients are bound to feel pain after a hysterectomy. The same is true for any patient who undergoes any type of surgery. This should not prevent you from undergoing your hysterectomy, though, as there are ways to lessen the pain you’ll experience. Keep in mind that these methods won’t totally make the hysterectomy pain go away, but they can help you feel more comfortable.

Hysterectomy Pain

Management Plan for Handling Hysterectomy Pain

Even before you go through a hysterectomy surgery, you should already know how you can handle the pain you’ll feel afterward. Ask your doctor about the ways that your hysterectomy pain will be dealt with and what can be done should these fail. Determine the alternative methods you can use for managing the pain. Also determine when you can start taking the medicines, the type of medicines you can take at home, and where you can get more once the medicines run out.

Hysterectomy Pain – Managing Immediate Post-Operative Pain

A patient can manage hysterectomy pain right after the surgery with any of the following methods:

  • On-Q. In this pain management method, local anesthesia is administered on the surgical area by using a tiny tube that the doctor inserts through the incision.
  • Morphine pump. Attached to the patient’s intravenous tube, this allows the patient to get a boost of morphine whenever necessary by simply pressing a mechanism.
  • Post-op epidural. This pain management system pertains to the administration of a low dose of local anesthesia to the area of the surgery. This is done through a catheter that is inserted at the patient’s back. The patient can still walk and move around with this, and she would have less need for oral medication.
  • A doctor usually administers these pain medications one to two days after the operation.

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Hysterectomy Pain Management at Home

The type of pain management you can implement at home would basically be oral medication. You can take both narcotic pain medicines and anti-inflammatory medicines. Take the former every 4 to 6 hours. You can take the anti-inflammatory medicines at the same time, but you must take these every 8 hours.

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Hysterectomy Pain – Can You Get Addicted?

The amount taken for pain relief is as prescribed by the doctor, so there is no risk of getting addicted. There is also little chance of needing a refill since the pain usually goes away in a month. Moreover, the pain medication is taken to relieve pain and not to please the senses, further reducing the likelihood of addiction.

However, if you really must, then you can get a refill by coordinating with your doctor.

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