Keratin Treatment for Curly Hair That Suit the Best with Your Hair Type

Soft keratin treatment for curly hair will help people who want to make their curls straighter. This hair treatment even becomes a popular choice for those who want to have beautiful hair nowadays. Not all of people feel confidence with curly hair and keratin treatment is great solution for that.

It can change curly and frizzy hair into completely smooth, soft and straight hair. This smoothing treatment has come into the hair world so that it can manage all type of hair even the severe frizz-prone one.

Keratin is known to be good supplement to transform into sleek hair temporarily but it cannot give permanent result for those who have originally curly hair. Keratin treatments are available in several types and each of them has offers different result. However, whatever type of keratin you are obtained, they can make your curls into something nicer.

Keratin Treatment For Curly Hair


Selecting the Right Keratin Treatment for Your Curls

Having sleek and frizz-free tresses can be achieved if you use keratin supplement to treat your hair. Prior to choosing the right keratin treatment that suit the best with your hair type, you need to know why you get curly hair and how keratin works to prevent the process of frizzy hair.

When talking about curly type, genetics renowned to be one of man contributors. Genetics play important role in defining how much disulfide bonds exist in the hair protein.

Disulfide bonds are formed when two sulfides crash and lead to spiral formation in the hair. Those with curly locks have big amount of disulphide bonds so that their head looks bouncy and occasionally unmanageable.

To prevent curl pattern formed and achieves straighter hair, you need to take a treatment which involving a process of breaking down the disulfide bonds. Keratin treatment for curly hair is the right answer for that.

This treatment will process the hair in three stages consisting of relaxing, neutralizing and conditioning. During relaxing stage alkalis will be used to change the way proteins fuse that leads to hair break down and loses its curls.

However, this process will not cause permanent damage to the original strands. Continue to the neutralizing stage which allows a process to restore hair pH balance.

The function of this stage is to make the hair not extremely subtle after receiving controlled damage. The last stage is conditioning where a process of adding the proper amount of TLC into new straight hair is performed.

Hence, through these three stages which occasionally performed into ones, you facilitate the hair to break down and do repair themselves. It means that hair has ability to become bouncy again after getting several damaging treatments which commonly involving strong chemicals.

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Before keratin treatment becomes popular, formaldehyde is used to disturb sulphide bonds formation. However, now keratin serves as better alternative since it has counteraction function to the damage.

Soft Keratin Treatment For Curly Hair


Brazilian Blowout

Among several types of keratin treatment for curly hair, Brazilian blowout apparently becomes the most familiar type often taken by people. Brazilian type is given to maintain hair volume while in the same time also reducing frizz and make the hair smoother.

This type of keratin treatment commonly performed within an hour. When taking Brazilian Blowout treatment, your curly hair will be blow dried and sealed using flat iron. Brazilian type is known to be popular keratin treatment for curly hair due to its satisfying result.

People are commonly satisfied after getting Brazilian blowout because they will have gorgeous look of hair within three to six months only by getting simple treatment. The hair stylish that performs this treatment within one hour will not make clients bored and exhausted.

Keratin Treatment For Curly Hair At Home


Japanese Keratin Treatment

Japanese keratin treatment is type of treatment to straighten curls by combining Brazilian type with Japanese hair straightening method. When you decide to break down the frizzy hair using Japanese keratin you need to follow a process containing three to four treatment.

To begin the process you will likely to obtain traditional Brazilian treatment and then continued by obtaining complete sealing for the cuticle using Japanese treatment. The good thing that you will experience when taking Japanese keratin treatment is the fact that you can free the hair from any heat styling tool.

It is since the hair will receive dry pin straight after getting a wash. This type of keratin treatment also can be a great option for you who want to effectively straighten curls in temporary period.

Keratin Treatment For Curly Hair Before And After


Keratin Express

Instead of having full curly hair, some people also get wavy hair with frizz. This type of hair also can be transformed into straight and smooth ones through keratin treatment.

However, for combination of wavy and curly hair you will need different keratin treatment compared with two previous types. There is more appropriate treatment for this hair condition which known as keratin express.

This keratin treatment for curly hair actually works effectively with any wavy hair. The treatment process only will be performed within four to five minutes. So, in short time you will get straight and sleek hair that will last for four up to six weeks.

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