Lip Lightener for Smokers Recommended to Try

Some people suffer from dark lips due to bad habit likes smoking. To treat this condition, you need to use creams with skin lightener, sun protection, and moisturizer. The combination of those three elements will not only fade the dark colour of the lips but also get it moisturized.

Cream for dark lips is popularly used by people in Indian and African regions since their dark lips are affected by climate difference. The hot climate in those regions not only cause dark lips but also dark skin.

Lip Lightener For Smokers


Hence, skin whitening products are highly used by their citizen. It is not just natural factor which can contribute to discoloured lips but bad habits like smoking, long lipstick application; highly coffee or tea consumption also can result on this condition.

People with cigarette shipping habit commonly like to find lip lightener for smokers to make their lips look red or pink again. Even dark lips can be treated using home remedies but it takes long time to return lips original look.

Hence, dark lips treatment products become a good choice for them who want to have fast and effective change on the lip colour. These lip lightening products are good to try when you have discoloured lips.

Best Lip Lightener For Smokers


Bioglo Cherry Lip and Nipple Cream

Known to be one of the best lip lightener for smokers, this cream is made from safe and unique ingredients to make sure your lips not only healthy and moisturized but also receive good protection. The regular use of the cream allows you to have pink colour of lips.

Even after the application, your lips will get instant pink colour within seconds. Its ability to lighten the skin lips cannot be separated from the Prunu Yedoenis Leaf and Sakura Extracts contained. These two herbal ingredients make the discoloured lips turns into its original pink colour.

Besides preventing the lips from the next darkening, it is also good to treat dry and flaky lips. It reduces the appearance of aging signs such as wrinkles and fine lines on the lips as well. Cherry blossom contained in the cream performs as natural lightening component.

Bioglo Cherry Lip and Nipple Cream


It works to change the discoloured lips skin into natural pinkish colour as well as making it more delicate. This lightening agent will not result on irritation on the lips. The ingredient of Bioglo lip cream also includes seaweed which supports the production of new lip cells and gives protection to lips from any damage.

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Not only makes delicate area becomes plumper, seaweed with its natural antioxidant agent also lower the appearance of wrinkles. This lip cream contains shea butter, squalane, and jojoba ester as well. These natural moisturizers help to hydrating the lips intensely.

The good hydrating ability of this cream allows the dark lips to be smoother and moisturized enough. This lip lightener for smokers is very simple to use and can be used daily to restore dark lips. You can apply it directly on the lips or combine it with lipstick.

Just take the cream lightly using the brush applicator and swipe it on the lips. One layer application results nude healthy look while two layer applications will make the lips look naturally pink.

Daily application of the cream allows the lips to have healthy and pinkish look. For more satisfying result, you should do lips exfoliation before cream application.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Antwerp

Another good option for dark lips is NYX lip cream Antwerp. It not only promotes smooth and moist lips but also gives silky sensation on the lips. By applying this product, your lips will get moisturized up to six hours.

Different with lipstick and lip gloss, this mate lip cream treat discoloured lips well. It is effective to create smooth, soft, and silky look on lips. Its ability to last for eight hours also contributed from the unique and innovative texture of the cream.

It makes dark lips have pinkish and impressive look as well as making the dry lips perfectly moisturized. NYX Antwerp serves as great substitution for lipstick since it creates cute pink colour.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Antwerp


Hence, if you have applied this lip cream, you don’t require using lipstick anymore. Not only creating matte pinkish finish colour, it also moisturizes the lips effectively. The moisturizing effect offered by Antwerp last longer since it hydrates the lips similarly with lip balm making the lip colour same like when you apply it with lipstick.

Antwerp is available in eleven pretty colours. Each of them is unique and gives elegant look when applied for different occasion. NYX Antwerp serves as good lip lightener for smokers and it is pretty simple to use.

You can directly apply it over dry and dark lips or use it after the lipstick. Use a lip liner first to determine the lips edge. Then, apply NYX Antwerp to make your lips have beautiful colour no matter what the occasion is.

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