Overcome the Gray Hair Naturally with Traditional Ingredients

How to get rid of gray hair naturally is the biggest question for some people especially old people. But the fact, gray hair is not existed in old people. Some young people have the gray hair. Basically, gray hair doesn’t grow by itself.

The gray hair is presented as the changing of hair pigment which is known as melanin. The changes are caused by lack of oxygen that received by the hair shaft. The hair shaft is receiving the nutrients form the end of the blood vessel and inhaled substance is deprived of oxygen.

Therefore, the composition for the hair became bad and it affects the melanin. Melanin is produced in the follicle melanocytes cells. The researchers found that the cumulative damage melanocytes survive in many years, which ultimately makes the melanocytes unable to produce melanin.

Studies have cited that DNA damage and the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide in the follicle may be caused the disorder of the melanin production. Because without melanin, the new grown hair has no pigment so it looks gray, white or silver.

Based on the researches, climate stress, drug consumption can also affect the occurrence of the gray hair. Meanwhile if the gray hairs grow at an older age over 40 years, indeed it is influenced by the age factor which requires hair stop producing the pigment. In previous time, gray hair is visible only for those who are old age. But now, gray hair can also occur in young people aged about 20 years.

Usually gray in young children is due to genetic factors or the intake of nutrients from food. There is a research by Galvan from Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales, Spain. The Galvan’s research result said that the people who have gray hair live longer and stay healthy.

The gray hair happened because of the reduction of the melanin. This means the person lives healthy. Revoking gray hair is a mistake because the repeal of gray hair can damage the follicle, the hair roots and nerves of the head.

Until today, how to remove the gray hairpermanently hasn’t been found. The use of hair dyes that are believed to eliminate gray hair was not the best solution to get rid of gray hair.Hair dye is only able to provide another color to the gray hair, in temporary. Meanwhile, the hair dye substances are believed to stimulate the growth of gray hair.

The consumption of food which is containing of vitamin B12 can help to inhibit the growth of gray hair. Meanwhile, a doctor from New York Medical Center, Diana Bihova said that the excessive stress can deplete of reserves of vitamin B12. The depletion of vitamin B complex can accelerate the growth of white hair.

Poor nutrition not only caused the gray hair, but also interfere the healthy condition of the hair. In addition, heredity is the most common cause of the appearance of the white hair especially at the young age.

The disturbances due to the metabolism disorder, immune disorder, x-rays, hormonal disorder, kidney disorder, and heavy metal poisoning can also contribute the increasing of the gray hair on the head. The disorders caused analin that contained in the acid is not metabolized properly, causing gray hair.

On the occurrence of gray interference immunity disorders like the appearance of white patches on the skin. Unhealthy lifestyles also contribute in accelerating the growth of gray hair. The smoking habit can block the current of the nutrient which is carried in the bloodstream.

In addition, the lifestyle in using the hair oil and hair dye can cause them. The chemical containing in the hair dye can affect oil and grow the gray hair quickly.

Dr. Diana Bihova suggested how to get rid of gray hair naturally by doing exercise, breath, meditation, and acupressure. She also suggested consuming the food that strengthens the kidneys and lungs. Sesame oil and hazelnut oil can be used as the natural ingredients of how to remove the gray hair.

How to Get Rid of Gray Hair Naturally

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There are many possibilities that can cause the gray hair, like

  • Stress

Stress can reduce the productivity of melanocytes cells. It can produce melanin that causes gray hair.

  • Genetic factors

The parents with the gray hair since young age can bring the risk to the children. So the children also have gray hair in young age.

  • Vitamin deficiency

Vitamin deficiency also triggers the growth of gray hair quickly. Vitamin B12 can make the hair healthy.

  • Smoking

Some studies show that smoking can increase the risk in growing of gray hair four times greater than those who do not smoke.

There are many way how to get rid of gray hair naturally without any chemical ingredients, such as

  • Hazelnut

The first step is roasting the hazelnut. After that, mash the roasted hazelnut until the oil comes out. Then rub the oil to the hair and leave for 15 minutes. And the last step is washing the hair with shampoo. This natural way can be apply twice a week to get the maximum result.

  • Lemon and coconut oil

The ingredients are to reduce the gray hair is mixing the lemon and the coconut oil. Once, they have been blended, and then apply hair while massaging it well. After that, let the ingredients stand for 15 until 30 minutes, then rinse with clean water.

  • Papaya seeds

Papaya seed is very useful for healthy hair. Prepare the papaya seeds and wash them. After that, roasted the seeds and mash them until smooth and soft. Pout the coconut oil to the papaya seeds puree. Stir them and apply in the gray hair. Leave for 2 hours and then wash with warm water.

That is the traditional way to overcome some gray hair with natural ingredients. Then to maintain the black hair do the treatment such as:

  • Do not smoke
  • Get enough rest
  • Drink at least eight glasses of water a day
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits
  • Consuming food and vitamin which consist of vitamin B12 and Omega 3
  • Exercise regularly
  • Avoid stress
  • Relax and do yoga
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